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AIBU to develop a weird obsession with Emo Rap?

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LyannaStarktheWolfMaid Tue 28-Nov-17 23:33:27

I know I am BUR, the whole thing is completely ridiculous. I am nearly 40. I have two children, and a happy marriage, and a fulfilling job. But for some reason since I randomly heard about the death by overdose of a young man called Lil Peep, I find myself increasingly bewitched by this strange underground genre. Objectively, it's full of self-obsessed misogynistic young drug addicts making terrible music about how dreadful their lives are and how much they want to die. But I can't look away! Maybe a car crash mentality? I am very confused about my feelings on this! Any thoughts?

LyannaStarktheWolfMaid Wed 29-Nov-17 00:11:30

Nobody cares about my ridiculous fad! I'm concerned I'm having a mid life crisis!

ClandestineAdulation Wed 29-Nov-17 00:15:32

It’s funny how different genres suck you in. Emo rap may not be particularly popular with women in their late 30s, but it’s not to say you shouldn’t be listening to it! I find it very interesting to delve into the background of a song/artist/the style of music they make, so long may it continue!

shandyhands Wed 29-Nov-17 00:41:33

YES! I am a bit younger but have 2 young children, and although I discovered his music shortly before his death I too am obsessed, listen to it every chance I get, he was very good it's sad he won't make anymore. It's defiantly my type of depressing angsty music though and always has been so not so unusual for me

LyannaStarktheWolfMaid Wed 29-Nov-17 00:48:47

Oh thank goodness. I think the music is really awful, if someone played me a track cold without me seeing the artist I would have laughed at them! And it's horribly anti-women. If my daughter was into it, I would be up in arms. Nonetheless, I am strangely smitten. I'm sure it will pass. I'm quite disturbed by the whole thing though!

shandyhands Wed 29-Nov-17 01:02:45

I'm the exact opposite I really like the music, but each to their own, if you don't even enjoy it then it probably won't last too long smile

LyannaStarktheWolfMaid Wed 29-Nov-17 01:11:27

When I say that, I have been listening the GBC back catalogue for about four hours now, so clearly I am enjoying the music even if my higher feelings say that it is awful! Lil Peep was just such an incredibly beautiful young man! It's very enticing! I'm very glad I'm not a 16 year old girl otherwise I would have fallen head first down this rabbit hole and no mistake!

shandyhands Wed 29-Nov-17 01:25:31

I too can listen to it for several hours and there's certain songs I just stick on repeat. There is something about him that draws you in, and makes you stay apparently grin

LyannaStarktheWolfMaid Wed 29-Nov-17 01:46:07

Lil Peep has a Kurt Cobain kind of aura, I think. Certainly in hindsight, anyway. The genre promotes a very unhealthy hedonistic yet nihilistic kind of culture, with overt suicide references. I do feel it’s quite dangerous. Yet somehow thrilling obviously. I feel a bit like a vicars wife who is titillated by the local sixth form rock and roll band!!

Timmytoo Wed 29-Nov-17 02:11:39

I don’t know but now you’ve got me into it and i am 37. Will be adding this to my playlist now. I think it’s a mixture of his looks, voice and my hormones 😂.

shandyhands Wed 29-Nov-17 02:33:49

Interesting you mention kurt cobain because I love nirvana too! I think your thinking too much about it, if you enjoy it listen to it smile yes it's about suicide and drugs etc. But if you like it who cares! There's no age limit to music no matter the songs subject matter

Quimby Wed 29-Nov-17 07:55:01

Wait till you fall down the utterly bizarre YouTube rabbit hole that is the Blackpool rap scene.

It’s phenomenal and utterly baffling

jainaproudm Wed 29-Nov-17 08:30:46

HA @Quimby, I love me a bit of Soph Aspin ;)

LyannaStarktheWolfMaid Wed 29-Nov-17 18:34:47

TimmyToo I think you have hit the nail on the head!
Shady hands, you are right, I have succumbed fully now and I’ve had it on all day!
Blackpool rap doesn’t sound quite as appealing somehow! 😂

shandyhands Wed 29-Nov-17 20:14:56

Good for you!

Quimby Sun 03-Dec-17 21:04:55

@jainaproudm afghan Dan 😎

HarHer Mon 04-Dec-17 09:25:48


My son (16) introduced me to the music/story of Lil Peep. We had a long discussion about music, mental illness, drugs and other things. I was really glad my son was able to talk to me. I had never heard of this artist or genre (Cloud Rap) before. I was alarmed that Lil Peep made songs about self-harm and suicide because both my sons have serious mental ill health and I felt the songs could be a trigger. However, we both seemed to agree that it was the sound of the music more than the lyrics that appealed to us.

LyannaStarktheWolfMaid Sun 10-Dec-17 02:35:51

I thought should update on this after a few weeks. i have explored lil peep's back catalogue really thoroughly and I'm still completely obsessed. What a beautiful young man.

shandyhands Sun 10-Dec-17 02:47:20

I'm still listening too! Do you have a favourite song?

LyannaStarktheWolfMaid Sun 10-Dec-17 02:50:13

It changes from day to day! literally every day I have had a different one stuck in my head. I think my all out favourite might be Starshopping, but today it's White Wine.

shandyhands Sun 10-Dec-17 05:45:03

I love starshopping, crybaby and beat it at the moment but there's so many great ones it's hard to pick just one

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