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To ask what your biggest energy boosters are?! Some mums get so much shit done!

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upsidedown2017 Mon 27-Nov-17 20:41:31

I'm knackered. All the time. If you have plenty of energy please tell me what you're eating/drinking/sleeping/doing!

I shouldn't feel like this in my 30s should I?

Any suggestions for what I can do to improve things?

millmoo Mon 27-Nov-17 20:45:31

Watching with interest ...
I’m knackered all the time too

RitaConnors Mon 27-Nov-17 20:45:39

I go to bed at 9.30.

lifesaverormassmurderer Mon 27-Nov-17 20:46:16

Cutting out white carbs had made an amazing difference to my energy levels.

RavingRoo Mon 27-Nov-17 20:46:42

A husband who does housework
Exercise - this is a big one

BillywilliamV Mon 27-Nov-17 20:47:21

I run, 40 minutes 3x per eeek

ZigZagandDustin Mon 27-Nov-17 20:47:22

A cleaner. Just knowing someone else has my back motivates me to keep up too.

BillywilliamV Mon 27-Nov-17 20:47:36


Darthvadersmuuuum Mon 27-Nov-17 20:47:37


Lethaldrizzle Mon 27-Nov-17 20:47:39


Want2bSupermum Mon 27-Nov-17 20:47:52

B vitamin shots (needed for medical reasons). Lots of water. Eat relatively well if you exclude the chocolate.

Noofly Mon 27-Nov-17 20:49:06

No coffee. Coffee makes me sluggish after the initial caffeine rush. I stopped drinking coffee in January and it’s made such a difference.

tittysprinkles Mon 27-Nov-17 20:49:24

Avoiding alcohol
Lights out at 9pm
Make lists
Use a diary

Soyalatteforme Mon 27-Nov-17 20:50:25

I'm by no means bouncing with energy, but I posted something similar a few months; what has helped me feel marginally feel energetic is:

- no alcholo during working week (Mon-Fri for me)

- get cleaner to do ironing once every two weeks

- two evenings a week doing exercise

- two evenings a week bed before 10

- succumbing to my coffee addiction

twilightcafe Mon 27-Nov-17 20:51:41

Iron supplements have made a big difference to me. I use Spatone sachets.

Soyalatteforme Mon 27-Nov-17 20:52:35

And Spatone iron sachets.

Soyalatteforme Mon 27-Nov-17 20:52:57

😊 not copying twilight! Promise!

MiracleCure Mon 27-Nov-17 20:53:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BikeRunSki Mon 27-Nov-17 20:55:48

Red Bull

BillywigSting Mon 27-Nov-17 20:57:01

Lots of water
Lots of fruit/veggies
A proper filling breakfast
Enough sleep.

The enough sleep thing doesn't happen all of the time by any stretch of the imagination but it makes the biggest difference by a country mile.

Other than that it's coffee and stuff that actually gets me excited/motivated eg, friends coming for dinner so house gets a proper scrub

Sirzy Mon 27-Nov-17 20:57:29

Vitamin c and d supplements

A SAD light



A scary long to do list!

Raver84 Mon 27-Nov-17 20:57:55

Exercise for at least half hour a day. Fresh air. Limit caffeine and eat well. It's really that simple

anothermalteserplease Mon 27-Nov-17 20:58:39

Exercise, really early night at least once a week and keeping busy. The more busy I am the more I get done. If I’ve no deadlines etc then I don’t achieve so much overall.

Strokethefurrywall Mon 27-Nov-17 20:58:46

- no processed food/limited carbs
- no alcohol mid-week
- bulletproof coffee
- fasting 20 hours of the day
- cocaine grin

Genuinely, having tried every other energy booster, the only thing that really works for me is not eating until after 2pm and starting the day with bulletproof coffee. I'm mentally more alert than I've ever been and can effectively deal with multiple things at work at the same time, efficiently as well. I don't get any midday slump, I just drink plenty of water and power on through until the evening's meal.

I'd say exercise too as I feel like I could eat nails when I start the day with a run.

Frouby Mon 27-Nov-17 20:59:37

I always have a mid afternoon slump if I have bread for lunch. If I have soup or salad I eat then crack on.

A sandwich has me stuck to mn or fb until dd is home from school.

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