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DS didn't say his line in school assembley

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Luol81 Sun 26-Nov-17 05:59:22

Maybe this is silly but am just wondering if I should be upset that my 6 year old DS didn't say his one line at the school assembly this morning. It was only one small line and we had practiced it at home easily. We were not given a script so I didn't know when he would say it exactly, but they were practicing at school last week. Their class teacher was sitting right infront of the stage and I could hear her prompting other children during the show to say their lines so I don't understand why she didn't help him when his turn came? ?? I asked her after the show and she said he might have gotten shy but that it was partly her fault as she got too focused on the other two children next to him who had longer and more lines to say?? I just feel abit upset as he seemed looking forward to his assembley and he thinks he said his line when he clearly didn't?? Sent the video to hubby who was more annoyed then me and wants to complain??

CheapSausagesAndSpam Sun 26-Nov-17 06:01:59

Well it is crap but I think you mentioning it is enough. There's not much excuse really..."concentrating on the other two" is not a reason for her to forget to help your son. 6, most children can say a line when they're meant to I would have thought.

PurpleDaisies Sun 26-Nov-17 06:05:20

Children do get shy in assembly. She’s admitted she was partly at fault-what more can she do? confused

There will be plenty more opportunities in your son’s school career for him to say his piece. You’ve already “complained”. Taking it further would be an overreaction.

NovemberWitch Sun 26-Nov-17 06:06:23

Complain about what? He thinks he said his line, so he’s not unhappy, he wasn’t excluded or embarrassed. Yet you are both upset and want to complain. Was he happy and excited afterwards, did you say anything to him other than ‘You were amazing, I’m so proud of you!’
As a teacher, I’d be wondering if his shyness was linked to having two pushy parents videoing him and complaining at every perceived infringement. Poor little boy, 6 and under so much pressure to achieve already by his parents.

Vitalogy Sun 26-Nov-17 06:10:23

Your little lad forgot his line, that's ok, try not to be annoyed, and most importantly is not to show him that you and your husband are annoyed. The teacher would have had a lot to deal with, one of the most stressful times of the year I should imagine.

Hausfrauenvy Sun 26-Nov-17 06:11:21

Really nothing to worry about. The teacher accepted responsibility (wrongly in my opinion) and was very truthful in her response. If you and your DH chose to go ahead with your complaint I hope you will come forward with praise every time the teacher does some thing good for your child - probably multiple times per day.

But yes, go ahead and complain that its the teachers fault your DS accidentally forgot a line.

NovemberWitch Sun 26-Nov-17 06:13:08

She won’t do that again! Never give parents ammunition.

Pengggwn Sun 26-Nov-17 06:14:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HotelEuphoria Sun 26-Nov-17 06:16:18

Can I add this to that great thread about ridiculous complaints we have had recently. He's six, by the time he i sixteen you will look back and think "did I really complain to the teacher that my DS didn't say his one line in assembly"

NovemberWitch Sun 26-Nov-17 06:17:50

I love the fact he thinks he did. So he’s ok. smile

LadyPenelope68 Sun 26-Nov-17 06:18:26

He didn’t say his line, plenty of children forget and miss their bit, totally normal.

Can’t believe you even mentioned it as an issue to the teacher in the first place, what an over reaction! As for complaining, what are you complaining about? There’s nothing TO complain about!!

RebootYourEngine Sun 26-Nov-17 06:18:40

Complain to who & what outcome do you want from that? The teacher sacked

ContraryLollipop Sun 26-Nov-17 06:19:07

I feel for you OP, I am worried my DS will do the same in his Nursery Christmas play, as he is so excited about his line.

The good news is your DS thinks he did say the line - or maybe do you think he’s just saying that to you to save face?

In your shoes I’d probably leave it now as you’ve already complained, but next time there is a similar event I’d mention to the teacher what happened this time, and say that you just want to make sure he isn’t forgotten about this time, and hopefully the teacher will make a special effort with him next time. You could also ask who he speaks after, and prepare him yourself on when to speak.

mmgirish Sun 26-Nov-17 06:19:56

Oh dear. The poor teacher had a class of 6 year olds performing in front of a crowd. If your son didn't say his line then he didn't say it. He will have many other opportunities. Complaining over a issue like this is completely unnecessary and will erode your relationship with this teacher.

Squeegle Sun 26-Nov-17 06:20:22

Omg. Nothing better to worry about?

NovemberWitch Sun 26-Nov-17 06:21:00

Or he could have a non-speaking part. Unless that’s not allowed any more.

OldWitch00 Sun 26-Nov-17 06:21:02

Children are unpredictable when it comes to performances. It’s not the teachers fault. Sounds like you have unrealistic expectations.

Somtamthai Sun 26-Nov-17 06:28:18

As a teacher with pushy parents, obsessed with every single thing, and having been on the receiving end of things being mentioned, explained then the subsequent complaint. LET IT GO!

All you will do is stress the teacher who will start worrying about every little hing that might lead to another complaint. No she won't take it out on your child. But will spend too much time trying to ensure there's no more complaints rather than teaching.

I am DREADING our Christmas show as I know one kid won't say the line. But she haaaas to be in the show, in fact her mother asked for her to have a main part - there is none, she went to admin and the heads of school about it. The kid is 6 sad. 😭😭

picklemepopcorn Sun 26-Nov-17 06:29:13

Live performances go wrong. Clearly this was successful as the show didn't grind to a halt waiting for his line. That would have been worse.

Spikeyball Sun 26-Nov-17 06:30:00

He's happy. There is nothing to complain about.

Psychobabble123 Sun 26-Nov-17 06:31:14

In the nicest possible way, get a grip. This is such a non-event. You've 12 more years of school, learn to pick your battles

AdmiralSirArchibald Sun 26-Nov-17 06:31:16

My DD, now Year 2, has cried through every assembly she was supposed to talk in and has never said a single word. We are currently learning lines for this year's Christmas play but I don't really think she'll say them. It doesn't matter. She has also cried every time someone has sung happy birthday to her, but this year she didn't and actually blew her candles out (she has just turned 7). He'll get there. And you definitely don't need to complain!

harrypotternerd Sun 26-Nov-17 06:56:32

was it even worth mentioning?

TheStoic Sun 26-Nov-17 07:01:14

Please please please don’t blame the teacher. Don’t be that person.

OhWotIsItThisTime Sun 26-Nov-17 07:04:09

Admiral ds1 was exactly the same! Now he doesn’t cry during happy birthday and does say his lines. He’s now nine, bless him.

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