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to be annoyed at entrepreurial and pushy friends

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rcat Fri 24-Nov-17 23:11:38

Dh says I’m naive and trusting.Ive had a lot of old friends and work colleagues request to add me on social media recently which I think is nice because we haven’t see each other for ages.

Turns out after a few weeks with no ‘hi lovely to be added to your fb’ I get added to some group for beauty products they sell,diet stuff,you name it!

It’s not just one person but quite a lot of people.I worked with them in the past and seemed nice people but I find it very calculating and cold to just add someone as a friend to make money from them.

AIBU to think is is incredibly annoying?

irretating Fri 24-Nov-17 23:27:20

Really entrepreneurial? Seems to me these feckers are all doing some variant of a MLM scheme.

I hear you. People you don't really chat to much are suddenly adding you to facebook groups for their 'business', or sending you messages asking if you want to view their exciting new range of lipsticks.

Whatever you do don't buy something out of pity. I did this once and I got message after message after message asking me if I wanted to buy from the new range, or update my make up to include this seasons look. Bloody nightmare.

NeverTwerkNaked Fri 24-Nov-17 23:35:39

Ha! You are definitely not being unreasonable!
Here’s a Facebook group full of similarly fed up people,
and if you bear with me i’ll Link you to the mumsnet MLM chat too...

Maplestaple Fri 24-Nov-17 23:37:34

No is a complete sentence.

Just say no.

Don't believe how their miracle pill, cream or lotion can cure anything. It's all just shit.

rcat Fri 24-Nov-17 23:44:32

Thank you all!I will check out the link,it’s left a bad taste in my mouth and dh makes me feel so silly for believing these people might just want to chat again.

It’s sad and tacky,I couldn’t use people like this.

Glad there are people like me here.I don’t understand the Forever Living thing at all I have an old friend using her kids in videos to promote the very (expensive) stuff.

wheresmyphone Fri 24-Nov-17 23:45:24

Sorry fir being thick. What does MLM stand for?

chunkiebride Fri 24-Nov-17 23:47:50

Mlm- multi level marketing

raisinsarenottheonlyfruit Fri 24-Nov-17 23:53:36

MLM = multi-level marketing

It means pyramid scheme basically, but they'll never admit that.

They won't make much money from selling the shit, but they'll be leant on to tell all their FB friends about what a great time they're having and how much money they're suppoedly making. And to buy the overpriced crap stuff for themselves.

Then they'll convince some friends to sell the same shit. They get a commission on the stuff their friends buy.

The only way to make money is to get high enough up the food chain that you have several people beneath you that you're exploiting are working for your "upline".

It's a tower of cards and the stuff they're selling is usually overpriced tat.

Tip - have a look on eBay. You'll probably find the same stuff there for a fraction of the price. People who realised they were being sucked in and had enough often get rid of their left over stock via eBay.

NeverTwerkNaked Fri 24-Nov-17 23:54:32

Here’s the mumsnet thread, you will see you are my no means the only person fed up with it grin

RebeccaWrongDaily Fri 24-Nov-17 23:55:49

it's not really entrepreneurial is it? Using existing relationships to flog tat. i'd unfriend if they've only added you to buy their crap.

they'll be used to it.

raisinsarenottheonlyfruit Fri 24-Nov-17 23:55:49

It's a con, basically.

rcat Fri 24-Nov-17 23:57:20

A few of them have tried to recruit me it’s a great job for a SAHM apparently.Flexible working round the dcs and all that.

Yet both the MLM friends on fb have complicated childcare arrangements to cover the training days,socials,etc so I don’t get how it’s great for a SAHM.

raisinsarenottheonlyfruit Fri 24-Nov-17 23:59:37

According to this study 99% of MLM recruits lose money.

Sparklesocks Sat 25-Nov-17 00:00:10

It’s huge right now, I have a few old colleagues doing it. One tried to invite me to an fb group but I politely said I wasn’t interested, she’s Flogging cheap beauty products for crazy amounts of cash and posts things like ‘living the dream! I work when I want and get to spend sooo much time with my son!! Who wants to join me??’ And ‘Just bought loads of Xmas pressies with my bonus!! Feel so grateful to have a job that lets me spoil my family - DM me if you’re interested in doing the same’

It’s so hmm and tedious. I have since muted her. Most of the income seems to be from signing up new recruits and taking a % of their sales rather than the proceeds from her own junk. Seems very pyramid scheme...

rcat Sat 25-Nov-17 00:00:11

I’m seriously considering unfriending them,I eel used.

What’s with the prices too I mean no shampoo should cost so much and the jewellery friend is charging 10x what I’d reasonably pay for a bit of costume jewellery.

raisinsarenottheonlyfruit Sat 25-Nov-17 00:00:34

It's not great.

They're told to say it's great and encouraged to think it's great.

rcat Sat 25-Nov-17 00:03:29

THanks for the links ive round more likeminded people!

raisinsarenottheonlyfruit Sat 25-Nov-17 00:04:33

They're told to "fake it till you make it".

If they're telling you how awesome it all is, they're targetting you because they hope to recruit you at some point.

This is how it works

EvieBlack Sat 25-Nov-17 00:04:35

A cousin of mine used to rave about FL and how much money she was making and how blessed she was to be able to spend so much time being a mummy blah blah.

She’s recently swapped to something called Bounce which as far as I can tell is selling some sort of insurance.

Sparklesocks Sat 25-Nov-17 00:05:14

It’s so insidious, they get training/tutorials on how to appear friendly and exciting to lure people in. They purposefully target mums looking to make a bit of extra cash and make it sound so easy/glam, then the poor people suckered in either get stuck with products they can’t sell or alienate all their family/friends with the constant sales techniques. Surprised it’s allowed tbh.

Lexilooo Sat 25-Nov-17 00:06:46

I'm happy to support friends and acquaintances who have genuine small businesses and will happily share pictures and links for them but will instantly unfollow any MLM crap (and judge the seller)

rcat Sat 25-Nov-17 00:13:47

Some of the MLM people on my fb were quite nice well balance people before they got brainwashed.How can they believe this stuff?

ZenNudist Sat 25-Nov-17 00:28:45

Raisinsarenottheonly fruit just read some MLM stories on that link. It sounds like a cult. Awful. Should be banned .

Twinkleheth Sat 25-Nov-17 01:34:58

My experience is very different. I started selling my commission based items to raise funds for my son, almost 5 years ago. Beforehand I had been having auctions on Facebook using items that had been donated by lots of different people. I had built up a great network of support and wished I was as crafty as all these other people. Then I looked into having something to sell - and that’s when I found this particular company. I joined in the January and raised money by sharing the items throughout my network - I was lucky we had so much support. I didn’t make any money from a team. We raised several thousand but sadly my son passed away very suddenly in the November (I donated the money raised to several different causes)

So I took a break but then decided to relaunch as a fundraising venture in my son’s name. A few people contacted me and wanted to know how it worked. It’s simple really. You sell items and you earn commission. If you have a team it’s possible to earn bonus commission on their sales if you meet all the personal targets too. This is what makes it different to a pyramid scheme - you can’t just recruit and sit back, you’ve got to ge working your business too.

So I donated all my commission to different causes - and along the way I have actually earned free trips, it’s true. Cancun, Miami, Caribbean Cruise, New York, will be travelling to New Orleans in January. After losing my son I just couldn’t work full time any more. So I have put a lot of effort into building my business. I deliver training to people in my team and I’m meeting up with a few of them for our Christmas night out next weekend.

I just wanted to say that there is another side - I definitely don’t hound friends, have never sold to family, and have a very large customer base who enjoy my freebies and good customer care. I see this as being my business, I do lots of things that are wee bit different that makes it mine. I don’t like being pursued either lol although I enjoy supporting other small businesses.

DSHathawayGivesMeFannyGallops Sat 25-Nov-17 04:29:57

Had a feeling this would be MLM. Keep saying no and keep removing yourself from their groups. Don't apologize, don't explain.

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