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Will I be able to get a Domperidone subscription on th NHS?

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1997r2017 Fri 24-Nov-17 11:11:15

Hi basically, I got off to a rough start with breastfeeding but it was getting better recently until I got ill ( she had tongue tie etc at the beginning so I mixed with formula but was able to feed less formula slowly), had diarrhoea and vomiting for a week and ending up taking Imodium which I thought was okay to take while breastfeeding but wasn’t according to the leaflet in the packet. So I didn’t feed her for a few days and then my pump broke on me so I couldn’t fully express either. So I’ve tried everything (fenugreek, feeding more, pumping etc) to get my supply up but nothing will work the milk has nearly gone I think. Will I be able to get Domperidone to help. I really want to breastfeed and I was finally getting the hang of it, and formula is quite expensive for us atm. She’s nearly 5 weeks so still really little. And I don’t want to just formula feed fully, Idm mixed feeding sad

PurplePillowCase Fri 24-Nov-17 11:15:31

it's not indicated for increasing bm supply. so probably not.
it has scary effects on the cardiovascular system (the heart) so is to be taken with caution and regular monitoring by a hcp.

PurplePillowCase Fri 24-Nov-17 11:16:53

sorry about your troublez.

lots of skin to skin and feeding on demand is the best you can do.

Anotherdayanotherdollar Fri 24-Nov-17 11:18:07

Can you contact your maternity unit and ask to be put in contact with a lactaction consultant? I'm not UK based though so maybe there's a more appropriate place to contact, health visitor/community midwife?

Out of interest though, how much immodium did you take to prevent you feeding for a few days?? You obviously read the leaflet to find out it wasn't safe...

Bananalanacake Fri 24-Nov-17 11:19:08

I found domperidone helpful. I also had to do mixed feeding. Can you go to your GP for a prescription.

1997r2017 Fri 24-Nov-17 11:19:57

They just said what I’ve tried so I don’t know what to do. And I took the whole packet, I was on the toilet every 20 minutes so I needed too

GaryWilmotsTeeth Fri 24-Nov-17 11:21:26

i asked if I could have a prescription but was told no, because as PP said, its not indicated for increasing supply. this was in wales. sorry to not be more help.

AnnabellaH Fri 24-Nov-17 11:21:38

Yes. You can. They don't like to give it out though. At 5 weeks you can relactate though and it can only take a few days. They force your boobs to make more litterally overnight when they cluster feed so you can feed like that and it can bring it right back. Milk can take a year to dry up so don't feel like it's gone. You can stimulate it again. Also remember pumping and expressing is no indication of how much baby is getting. Dirty and wet nappies are smile

I'd say simulate cluster feeding for a couple of days and if no increase then ask for a script for a week. They wont give it permanently here afaik like in the USA because it can cause massive heart problems used long term. (Its why motilium was taken off the shelves - it's the same thing under a different name)

Alicekeach Fri 24-Nov-17 11:25:29

I had it. My hospital wrote to my GP about it and the GP then presecribed it. It didn’t work for me, but at least I knew I’d tried everything.

1997r2017 Fri 24-Nov-17 11:26:51

@Bananalanacake what dose did you take and for how long?

I don’t even want to ebf as I know it won’t happen, but before I got I’ll it was 60bf 40ff ish so I just want to be there again.

1997r2017 Fri 24-Nov-17 11:30:10

@Alicekeach what dose did you have and how long for?

NeilPetark Fri 24-Nov-17 11:32:39

Is it still being used? I know we stopped using it in paeds because of the potential cardiac issues.

archaicmother Fri 24-Nov-17 11:33:01

I also had it prescribed, I think 4 tablets a day but not sure how much each dose was.
Same thing with a tongue tied baby who couldn't /wouldn't feed even after it was cut so I expressed.

You can buy it over the counter as Motilium but it would be really expensive to get the same dose I was prescribed.

PurplePillowCase Fri 24-Nov-17 11:33:42

tbh, I would get comfortable with dc, skin to skin, cluster feeding for a couple of days and go from there.
good luck.

EssentialHummus Fri 24-Nov-17 11:35:39

A friend did very recently. No other info.

shitey Fri 24-Nov-17 11:40:08

I did. GP refused to prescribe at first appt. Paediatric Consultant contacted him explained the benefits so eventually it was prescribed. My daughter was very unwell. Not sure I would have taken it otherwise.

Alicekeach Fri 24-Nov-17 11:46:10

CAnt remember the dose, sorry. Think I was on it for about a fortnight which was long enough to see that it wasn’t going to work.

dannydyerismydad Fri 24-Nov-17 11:48:44

Before taking any medication, do check with the BfN pharmacist regarding breastfeeding compatibility.

All medication is marked as unsuitable for breastfeeding due to licensing restrictions, but many, many drugs you can take without impacting breastfeeding.

Take care of yourself. Feed, feed, feed. A well latched baby will help to boost your supply with lots of cluster feeding.

Good luck.

dannydyerismydad Fri 24-Nov-17 11:51:09

In the meantime, continue with the mixed feeding, giving the top ups in the middle of the feed, then returning to the breast.

Make each top up a little smaller than the last so that your baby continues on the breast until satisfied. You'll be able to increase your supply little by little.

Bananalanacake Fri 24-Nov-17 11:57:31

It was 3 pills a day after eating. I took it again when my 2nd baby had to go to hospital at 4 days old as she wasn't weeing enough. I had a helpful midwife who lent me a double electric pump which also helped. I was able to EBF baby 2 but baby 1 was mixed fed. I echo that about feeding on demand and going by wet nappies as an indicator.

Poppyred85 Fri 24-Nov-17 12:03:09

The evidence for Domperidone to boost milk supply is lacking and as others have said, medicines healthcare regulatory authority have recommended cautious use even when used as indicated for vomiting due to significant cardiac risk. You are better off making sure you are well hydrated, goo latch, frequent feeding and loads of skin to skin. Warm bath can help so can try feeding in the bath too (carefully)! Totally got how you feel, I had similar feelings with ds but if you do get to the point where you want to stop remember that doesn’t mean you have failed.

Raver84 Fri 24-Nov-17 12:14:53

Bit random but have you tried eating porridge eat it loads and you will notice am increase in milk. Keep putting baby on breast, wear baby in a sling. Bath with baby nap with baby and let him feed. Good luck.

Pleasegodgotosleep Fri 24-Nov-17 12:57:55

Domperidone was absolutely brilliant for me and allowed me to keep bf until lg was 2. You can get from go short term but longer term you can buy online. Heart problems referenced were elderly or people with underlying heart condition - you can Google studies to check it out. Good luck!

Welshmaenad Fri 24-Nov-17 13:17:13

I did with my first baby.

Second baby, different GP surgery, they refused. So I spent a fortune buying it over the counter.

Welshmaenad Fri 24-Nov-17 13:19:17

I relactated with first baby (NICU stay and bereavement). In addition to domperidone I took fenugreek, lots of oats, and used a Medela supplemental nurser for formula top ups, plus pumped after baby had finished feeding in that breast.

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