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Salmon for Xmas dinner

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user1497997754 Thu 23-Nov-17 18:12:00

Decided on a change this year....less fuss....less cooking....more time for eating chocolate and having a relaxing time. Just going to bake in oven with lemon juice and butter. Can you suggest a sauce to accompany this apart from parsley....going to do new potatoes, green beans and carrots.

FlouncyDoves Thu 23-Nov-17 18:13:10

Wrong thread to post on surely?

dinosaursandtea Thu 23-Nov-17 18:13:26

I’m having pomegranate molasses with mine!

PeiPeiPing Thu 23-Nov-17 18:15:08

Sounds yum! grin

Dill sauce, lemon sauce, and garlic butter..

All are lovely with salmon. smile

user1497997754 Thu 23-Nov-17 18:15:08

Oh should I have put AIBU for having salmon for XMas dinner sorry

PeiPeiPing Thu 23-Nov-17 18:16:27*GHS+-+Grocery+-+New*PX+%7C+Shopping+GSC+%7C+All+Products*PRODUCT+GROUP256754625*&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI57jEuabV1wIVzrvtCh07RAD8EAkYAyABEgI4DPD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds


Thumbcat Thu 23-Nov-17 18:18:22

YANBU to have salmon for Christmas dinner but personally I'd find the sides a bit joyless. Roasties and creamed leaks or spinach would be much nicer.

user1497997754 Thu 23-Nov-17 18:25:40

Yes I like the idea of the dill and lemon sauce.....creamed leeks sounds good.....

user1497997754 Thu 23-Nov-17 18:27:28

Can you get pomegranates in December.....last time I had one was when I was a child and we used to use needles to pick out the seeds it was a real treat

Tidypidy Thu 23-Nov-17 18:30:51

Mashed avocado is lovely with salmon too.

ForalltheSaints Thu 23-Nov-17 18:31:26

Dill sauce would be my choice.

ByThePowerOfRa Thu 23-Nov-17 18:32:18

Yabu about the new potatoes I think. Are they not totally out of season in the uk in December? I’m not an expert seasonal eater pr anything, but I think I’ve had out of season new potatoes before and they weren’t nice.

Creamed leeks and mash / roast veg maybe? You could do a creamy sauce or a salsa verde maybe?

blueskyinmarch Thu 23-Nov-17 18:33:01

That is our usual Monday night dinner and it is soooo boring. It wouldn't pass muster for Christmas Day dinner in this house. No pigs in blankets for start. There would be mutiny if there were no pigs in blankets.

TheDevilMadeMeDoIt Thu 23-Nov-17 18:34:48

Hollandaise sauce.

And have whatever suits you and your family for Christmas dinner!

user1497997754 Thu 23-Nov-17 18:48:52

This year it's just me and hubby and 2 dogs just seems a huge faff to do a proper Xmas dinner just for us...will be doing roast gammon for Boxing Day but with mashed potatoes pickles etc .

user1497997754 Thu 23-Nov-17 18:50:22

When I do a Sunday roast I do the full works anyway including pigs in blankets .

kissmethere Thu 23-Nov-17 18:51:03

Nope. That wouldn't cut it in our house as it's a Friday semi regular for us but you enjoy.

Winifredgoose10 Thu 23-Nov-17 19:01:28

Has parsley in it, but last night we had Gordon Ramsay's parsley and caper sauce with salmon. It was delicious, and very easy to make.

afrikat Thu 23-Nov-17 19:05:56

My DH cooked salmon Wellington for Xmas lunch a few years ago. It was gorgeous!

ByThePowerOfRa Thu 23-Nov-17 19:21:27

I’d love the salmon option for Christmas but Dh doesn’t like it (boo).

BIWI Thu 23-Nov-17 19:23:53

YWBVU to use a packet sauce. How difficult is it to make your own?!

I think salmon sounds lovely.

If it were me, I'd do it with a beurre blanc sauce, some lovely baby new potatoes with butter and some green beans. Simple, elegant and really gorgeous, elevated by the beurre blanc sauce. Make sure you have a really good bottle of white wine to go with it.

Joinourclub Thu 23-Nov-17 19:24:54

I'd make dauphinois potatoes and then not worry about a sauce.

MatildaTheCat Thu 23-Nov-17 19:34:05

A quick warning that those Swartz sauces can be very salty. Make your own? I love my salmon with pesto, lemon zest, capers and seasoning. And for Christmas it’s got to be organic and wild.

AndNoneForGretchenWieners Thu 23-Nov-17 19:37:13

I would go for a white wine veloute and yes to creamed leeks - i would do potato gratin instead of roasts though.

Titsywoo Thu 23-Nov-17 19:38:55

Eat what you like! We'll be away for xmas and are booked into an italian restaurant for xmas lunch.

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