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4 years unattended in school carpark

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Belleoftheball8 Thu 23-Nov-17 14:45:22

Il keep things simple DD started school and became friends with a girl called Jenny. Jenny and her sister often are see running around the church carpark which is available for parents use when dropping and picking dc up. A few weeks back Jenny and her sister were running around and ran behind a car reserving into a bay, the car did an emergency stop and the dm shouted at them from the car.

Now Jenny keeps coming over to our parked car asking my dd if she’s coming out to the carpark to play I’ve told dd no and that car parks are busy and not a playground to play in. Every day Jenny comes over and I almost feel I’m responsible for her safety asking her to move out of an empty car park space so another parent can park.

Aibu to inform the school? At the time of the incident where Jenny ran behind the reversing car I didn’t realise it was the same girl who was friends with DD, had I realised I would have reported the incident sooner but what’s most worrying is even after that near miss the mother is still sat in the car whilst her DD is left to her own devices in the carpark.

Belleoftheball8 Thu 23-Nov-17 14:47:00

(I’ve changed the girls name in the op)

endofthelinefinally Thu 23-Nov-17 14:47:53

Yes inform the school.
A child was run over in similar circumstances at my local primary school.

Belleoftheball8 Thu 23-Nov-17 14:50:21

That’s awful endof was the child ok?

endofthelinefinally Thu 23-Nov-17 15:08:57

Yes fortunately. But they might not have been.
Car parks are not playgrounds yet some parents are very lax.

PinkHeart5914 Thu 23-Nov-17 15:14:56

If it’s in the chruch carpark rather than the schools, it’s on the parents surely? Why the hell is the mum sitting in the car letting her dc play in the car park? Maybe you need to explain to the mother what happens in a car park and how it’s not for children to play confused

I guess if Mum can’t be bothered to stop her own child playing in a car park it will have to be the school.......

Eeeeek2 Thu 23-Nov-17 15:25:53

Please do

January87 Thu 23-Nov-17 15:26:11

I'm not sure why you hadn't already reported it tbh, just because you now know the girls name, you simply could have pointed her out to the principal or whoever you were making the complaint to.

GreenFingersWouldBeHandy Thu 23-Nov-17 15:27:05

Yes please report, she doesn't need to know it came from you and that little girl is at risk.

fucksakefay Thu 23-Nov-17 15:27:40

Did you say anything to the child's mother?!

Iamagreyhoundhearmeroar Thu 23-Nov-17 15:28:45

How are they managing to play in the car park? Why on earth doesn't she either send her daughter into school or put her in the car and drive home. How long does she sit there while the child plays?!

PoisonousSmurf Thu 23-Nov-17 15:29:50

Next time she's running around take her to the mum and tell her that she could get run over.
Why on earth is that parent even doing that? Keep the child in the car until you're ready to take her into school.

Iamagreyhoundhearmeroar Thu 23-Nov-17 15:30:48

Oh, and why are you just sitting there in the car park, op, refusing offers to come and play?! Just go home, the lot of you...

woollytights Thu 23-Nov-17 15:31:56

* A few weeks back Jenny and her sister were running around and ran behind a car reserving into a bay, the car did an emergency stop and the dm shouted at them from the car.*

The dm? Do you mean their own mum nearly ran them over?

Mummyoflittledragon Thu 23-Nov-17 15:37:47

Please do. A piece will go in the newsletter hopefully at the very least.

Shadow666 Thu 23-Nov-17 15:37:49

I'm not clear where her mother is as you said she's unattended. A sign appeared recently in DD's pre-school car park asking people to watch their kids, so I guess there must have been an incident. Car parks are dangerous especially for little ones who move so fast and are hard to see.

IslingtonLou Thu 23-Nov-17 15:40:01

Inform the school as Jenny could be seriously injured

Peanut4 Thu 23-Nov-17 15:46:49

You need to report this and have it handled by proper authorities asap.

listsandbudgets Thu 23-Nov-17 15:47:03

YANBU - you need to say something not least to protect Jenny but also because if she gets hurt and you've not tried to do something to prevent it you'll feel awful.

Your thread title made me smile though- I was ready to wade in and say anyone left without attention in a school car park for 4 years is definitely allowed to say that they're not being treated reasonably!!

greeeen Thu 23-Nov-17 15:48:18

I would report it.

Floralnomad Thu 23-Nov-17 15:50:16

Why not just speak to her mother as she is sat in the car , if the car park doesn’t belong to the school I don’t see what they are going to do .

Belleoftheball8 Thu 23-Nov-17 15:51:57

When the car was reversing (it was another parent) the child’s mother was sat in the car at the time. I didn’t know who the child was I only realised who it was when my dd said her name and it was one of her friends. I’ve reported the incident to the school who are now handling it took us a while to get the full name but we did.

Belleoftheball8 Thu 23-Nov-17 15:53:56

I choose not to speak to the mother because the fact that she after the first incident she failed to see it wasn’t appropriate for her dd to be playing in the carpark that me saying someone wouldn’t help the situation but make things worse and cause unnecessary drama especially as it’s my dd friend. By informing the school it’s not disclosed who’s reported it.

xyzandabc Thu 23-Nov-17 15:57:30

Absolutely report. A local 4 yr old died in a reversing car in a car park accident. Tragic event that shook the whole town let alone the devastated family.

Tomorrowillbeachicken Thu 23-Nov-17 16:06:23

Yep, school may well be aware there are other issues.

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