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AIBU to have asked....

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AdmiralJaneway Thu 23-Nov-17 14:02:59

...someone to move away from her car as I was parking? She was leaning on her car next to where I wanted to park and I didn’t want to risk running over her feet!!

She was most annoyed that I dared ask - she didn’t even move as I approached in the car so I had to ask! Surely it’s common sense to get out of the way as there isn’t usually much room between cars.

ButchyRestingFace Thu 23-Nov-17 14:09:18

Oh, a diagram! Vair well done! cake

It doesn't look you were in much danger of running over her feet from the diagram though (did you use a ruler)? Looks like you had plenty of space to park.

If the diagram is to scale, I would say YABU. If not to scale, YAPNBU.

Makesmilingyourbesthobby Thu 23-Nov-17 14:11:21

No you are not being unreasonable if someone was standing in the road & you may clip them when passing you would ask them to move, just because you was parking in a appropriate parking space makes it no different, unless your tone was annoyed or the words you used was unessasary, a polite excuse me & thank you is perfectly fine

redexpat Thu 23-Nov-17 14:11:41

Bit odd. Shrug it off and carry on. But yes i would move out of the way of a moving car.

ByThePowerOfRa Thu 23-Nov-17 14:13:23

Yanbu imo.

AdmiralJaneway Thu 23-Nov-17 14:30:37

butchyrestingface ha ha - no not quite to scale! Like most car parks the spaces were narrow and I really didn’t want to clip her with my wing mirror.

It was just odd!!

custarddinosaur Thu 23-Nov-17 14:30:41

YANBU - anyone with half a brain would have moved of their own accord. Dozy twit.

KimmySchmidt1 Thu 23-Nov-17 14:50:39

I dont think you were being unreasonable to suggest it might be safer for her toes.

If she didn't want to move, she could have run the risk - the fact she did move proves she did not in fact want to run the risk, but simply wanted to be mardy about (a) a problem she has with authority or (b) embarrassment at being too thick to have realised this for herself and needing another adult to protect her toes for her.

Either way it is her problem, not yours.

inappropriateraspberry Thu 23-Nov-17 14:53:02

I find a lot of people in car parks totally oblivious to the cars! So many people just wander out in front of moving cars and walk in the middle of the road!

MrsTerryPratchett Thu 23-Nov-17 14:56:35

Run her over. It's the only way some people learn.

Good diagram.

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