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Aibu to be worried about flat sale?

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Teamkhaleesi Wed 22-Nov-17 09:39:48

Me and DH have just sold our property. It was only on the market for a few days and buyer has stated they need to be in on the 1st Dec. The offer was so generous we couldn’t refuse so we have rushed things along and are now moving a week today. We’re moving from Scotland to England so it’s a big move - DH has handed in notice, removal vans are booked and packing is done.

However I’m extremely nervous as we haven’t exchanged yet so the buyer could potentially still pull out. I’ve been in touch with the solicitor about this but he’s insisted this is quite normal and all sales conclude at the very last minute.

Just wondering if aibu to be concerned about the fact that things aren’t tied up yet? Or can anyone offer reassurance that this is the norm? This was our first home so we have never been in this situation before. The solicitor hasn’t really done a very good job of keeping me updated and makes me feel like a nuisance when I call for updates!

EmmaC78 Wed 22-Nov-17 09:42:20

I actually do find this is becoming the norm in Scotand. I bought a flat last July and it concluded the same morning and I am meant to be moving in two weeks and still have not concluded. I am expecting it to conclude at some point next week.

Rebeccaslicker Wed 22-Nov-17 09:46:56

Sorry Op, I don't know anything about Scottish conveyancing - presume you've asked your solicitor for an update?

AgentProvocateur Wed 22-Nov-17 09:50:23

Totally the norm in Scotland.

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