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Just why would you do this?

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witchofzog Tue 21-Nov-17 13:21:33

Second aibu in 2 days. I must be a right grumpy old cow. Or maybe I am just surrounded by twats.

I logged onto Facebook earlier to see a post from a friend. The family cat died yesterday and she posted yesterday that her youngest dd has been really affected by it. Today's post is a photo of the little girl on a sofa looking sad and on the verge of tears with the caption. "Hate seeing my little girl so sad over tiddles"

Just why? What level of attention seeking is this? Aibu to think she is an utter twat? ( I actually feel this will be unanimous smile)

Splinterz Tue 21-Nov-17 13:25:41

Because some people use FB like a diary, some use it for political commentary, and some use it for snooping. I'm guessing your friend uses it as the first option.

Polidori Tue 21-Nov-17 13:29:41

But it's not a diary, in as much as you don't normally publish your diary. The fact is she is publishing the picture with the intention of it being seen by others.

witchofzog Tue 21-Nov-17 13:30:32

I get the diary thing but I just think the photo is unnecessary. If I was on the verge of tears I would hate it someone used it as a photo opportunity

Wolfiefan Tue 21-Nov-17 13:31:47

"Just sit there LO. Now look at mummy and think of your dead pet. You're sad aren't you?"
Seriously. Who does this?
If your kid is upset you cuddle them. Not take a fucking photo.

shutitandtidyupgitface Tue 21-Nov-17 13:31:55

The fact is she is publishing the picture with the intention of it being seen by others

By her friends. the people who she thinks are interested in her life? Nobody makes you read their stuff.

witchofzog Tue 21-Nov-17 13:33:01

By her friends and the other 400 people she has on Facebook hmm

witchofzog Tue 21-Nov-17 13:34:22

And she has highlighted the text on a bright pink background with large don't

witchofzog Tue 21-Nov-17 13:34:38

*large font

MissFlashpants Tue 21-Nov-17 13:35:08

My cousin just posted a picture of her son hanging over a bowl, retching.

Poor little bubs has a tummy bug hmm

Shoxfordian Tue 21-Nov-17 13:35:59

Ugh unfollow is your friend OP

Splinterz Tue 21-Nov-17 13:36:24

But it's not a diary, in as much as you don't normally publish your diary. The fact is she is publishing the picture with the intention of it being seen by others.

A lot of people publish thoughts, musings and diaries, either by blog , FB or any number of social media avenues. We've moved on from the quill and ink of Mr Pepys generation.

mustbemad17 Tue 21-Nov-17 13:37:43

I hate this. It's akin to parents who punish their kids, make them do some chore they hate then post a photo of the kid doing said chore with tears streaming down their faces. Wtf planet are some people on? Way to emotionally scar your child

sinceyouask Tue 21-Nov-17 13:37:52


PinkHeart5914 Tue 21-Nov-17 13:38:02

If the dc are sad they need a cuddle or something nice from the parents not a photo put on the internet for the sad faces and the oh poor them hun comments

I don’t like this kind of stuff I mean If you were sitting crying or on the verge of tears imagine if your friends or dh took your picture and put in online, most people would say that isn’t right so why is it ok to do it to a child

Wolfiefan Tue 21-Nov-17 13:38:47

They publish their thoughts. They don't generally share the grief of their children. Or they shouldn't. Exploitative.
No need for a picture. Horrid.

AllTheWittyNamesAreGone Tue 21-Nov-17 13:40:11

You describe her as a friend. Do you sneer at all your mates or is she special?

bettydraper31 Tue 21-Nov-17 13:48:24


I can't bare this type of attention seeking on Facebook, especially when it's using their children to obtain as many 'likes' as they can.

I know it's each to their own but I can't understand this need to put every part of their lives on Facebook.

If anyone does this too much I just unfollow them then I can't see it any more.

expatinscotland Tue 21-Nov-17 13:52:00


Polidori Tue 21-Nov-17 13:53:37

splinterz, yes I know they do. And yes I know we have. What's your point?

AlternativeTentacle Tue 21-Nov-17 13:54:44

'you hate it so much that you thought you'd post it for the world to see. Well done you!'

Polidori Tue 21-Nov-17 13:56:04

AllTheWittyNamesAreGone ... Seems all the witty posts are gone, too.
Criticism isn't the same as sneering. It's perfectly possible to be dismayed by a friend's actions and to criticise them.

JoanLenin Tue 21-Nov-17 14:01:09

Attention-seeking poor sods. These are private family moments that shouldn't be shared on FB.
The cat died, okay I kinda understand you post about it. But posting a pic of your kid being sad over it is a bit too much.

Chrys2017 Tue 21-Nov-17 14:02:12

My friend published a photo of her son in the bathtub with Daddy and son taking a shit in the water.

Schoolquery1 Tue 21-Nov-17 14:02:35

I don't use FB so don't subscribe to this kind of public display in any way. But I do know a lot of people who do, from the occasional user, to the hour by hour updates on what they've had for breakfast etc etc
I guess each to their own really. It's sad and I know how awful it was for my kids when we lost our pet, but I certainly wouldn't have been publicly displaying their pain like this.

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