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Thinking of breaking up with partner because of their teeth grinding

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Kensingto Tue 21-Nov-17 04:56:09

My partner and I are supposed to move in together but I now wake up because of their teeth grinding and snoring everytime we share a bed. I actually cannot sleep next to them anymore and I'm at the end of my tether.

Aibu to break up because of this? I feel like if they move in with me I feel like I will be trading comfortable sleep for the relationship and I just don't think I can spend the rest of my life not getting a decent night's sleep.

I've been asking them to get a mouthguard for months now and they still have not done it.

Wondering if I'm being unreasonable and if anyone else has been in this position found that a moutguard for their partner actually helped with the noise level?

I just can't deal with this anymore.

HPandBaconSandwiches Tue 21-Nov-17 05:06:12

I’m a grinder. I have a guard - you can’t even see it when it’s in, the dentist made it so fits perfectly to my teeth. It’s hugely important for his dental and jaw health that he gets something done.

YANBU. If he cares so little about your sleep that he’s unwilling to do this then IMO he doesn’t respect you and YANBU to consider ending the relationship because of that lack of consideration and respect.

HPandBaconSandwiches Tue 21-Nov-17 05:06:52

Sorry, his or her.

HPandBaconSandwiches Tue 21-Nov-17 05:07:44

Oh and there’s no noise with a guard smile

AngeloMysterioso Tue 21-Nov-17 05:15:53

Have you tried ear plugs? They’re the only thing that has stopped me slaughtering my DH in his sleep...

SerendipityFelix Tue 21-Nov-17 05:17:41

It seems like an extreme reason to actually end an otherwise healthy relationship over, so I’m guessing there might be more going on for you to be considering that. But I’d absolutely decline to share a bed with someone if I couldn’t sleep well with them there! That’s what guest rooms/sofa beds are for. Blow up mattress in the living room at a pinch. The rest of the relationship could carry on as normal, there’s no law saying you have to share a bed!

Does your partner realise how big an issue this is for you - I’d start with saying you’re not sharing a bed until they try a guard maybe. You can’t force someone to do something, but you can choose your own actions.

But really, is this the only flaw in the relationship that you’d actually end things over it rather than just say they’re not sleeping in your bed unless you can sleep too?

ahhhsalmonskinroll Tue 21-Nov-17 05:55:03

Sleep deprivation is torture. I’m not surprised you feel frustrated.

My dh grinds and snores. The mouth guard helps with the grinding but he still snores. We sleep in different rooms now. I need my sleep. Do you have to sleep in the same bed?

bayseyan Tue 21-Nov-17 06:00:19

Can you have separate bedrooms?

My ex refused this and the snoring was a big factor in my breakup as I was constantly kept awake yet there were arguments if I went to sleep in the spare room. It drove me up the wall not being able to sleep or having an argument because I’d slept elsewhere. Apparently if I nudged then they’d stop snoring but it only lasted about 10 minutes, yet I was the unreasonable one for not wanting to nudge someone every 10 minutes all night to get some sleep....

So I’d say this is a very real issue if they will not agree to a mouth guard or separate bedrooms.

Shen0102 Tue 21-Nov-17 06:01:55

You could get them the mouthguard as a gift? Or plan a day out where you both go out and get it? Also you could get earplugs?

Relationships are all about compromise.

stopfuckingshoutingatme Tue 21-Nov-17 06:49:28

He needs a mouth guard and not getting one will lead to endless aches and pains
Treat him wink

Jixy8731 Tue 21-Nov-17 06:58:24

Yep, mouth guard from the dentist is the way forward. I actually like mine...

DorisDangleberry Tue 21-Nov-17 07:03:38

Teeth grinding is often a sign of stress. Maybe they are worried that you will break up with them and this is causing the stress

SavageBeauty73 Tue 21-Nov-17 07:25:10

I have a mouth guard. He really needs one.

justilou1 Tue 21-Nov-17 11:39:14

Oh Honey, I get it. My husband's snoring is legendary. That's bad, but he ALSO grinds his teeth AND he's a snuggler who likes to use the back of my head as a pillow. The teeth grinding sounds like someone slaughtering puppies when it's right next to your ear.
I "accidentally" punched him in the balls when I was pregnant.

LynetteScavo Tue 21-Nov-17 22:51:25

Just buy him one of these and tell him to use it. It's way better than the ones from the dentist IME

coconuttella Tue 21-Nov-17 23:05:50


The teeth grinding itself wouldn’t be the thing.
The refusal to even try a mouth guard would be.

However, if all else is good in the relationship, I’d give him an ultimatum and let him know how this is making you feel, both in terms of sleep deprivation and him procrastinating over getting a guard . If he genuinely cares about you, he’ll get one.

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