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To expect a duvet in Hilton?

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shouldnthavesaid Sun 19-Nov-17 00:35:39

Staying at Hilton with a work colleague.. we're in a semi budget room via Hilton Honours (think it's premium club). £75 for the two of us sharing a queen bed. Its fine and big but there's no duvet! Just a thin blanket thing which is quite chilly!! I've checked that I'm not lying on the duvet and definitly not .. aibu to expect a quilt?

shouldnthavesaid Sun 19-Nov-17 00:36:59

Very very rare for me to stay in hotels at all (think this is probably the 5th or 6th time in my life) so maybe it's quite normal!

Itsonkyme Sun 19-Nov-17 00:39:15

Ring reception and ask where the duvet is, if they don't have them, ask for another blanket to be sent up.
Have you checked the wardrobe etc for extra blankets.
Don't care how cheap the room is, you need to be warm, at least.

NickMyLipple Sun 19-Nov-17 00:40:34

You're sharing a bed with your work colleague?!

oldlaundbooth Sun 19-Nov-17 00:42:25

Is the colleague fit?

oldlaundbooth Sun 19-Nov-17 00:42:44

Call reception and get a duvet you dodo.

Butterymuffin Sun 19-Nov-17 00:43:02

Yes, ask for more covers. Did they not have any twin rooms?

shouldnthavesaid Sun 19-Nov-17 00:43:11

Yeah.. she's a friend as well tbh. She's still out clubbing. Worked out cheaper to share a bed. Its massive, and theres a sofa too so she might take that anyway. Will ring reception!

Ttbb Sun 19-Nov-17 00:45:07

They usually keep a spare blanket/duvet in the wardrobe. It's generally the fine thing that they don't use duvets in hotels. Instead they just lYer blankets in between the sheets.

MovingOnUpMovingOnOut Sun 19-Nov-17 00:46:10

If it’s work paying the least they can do is pay for a room each confused

Agree with pp you need to check the wardrobe (including on top) and any cupboards and call down to reception if no luck.

All the Hiltons I’ve stayed in (and it’s mostly Leeds but some others) have duvets.

GrockleBocs Sun 19-Nov-17 00:51:20

Ask them for extra blankets so your colleague can sleep on the sofa too.
And next time ask for separate rooms. You don't have to sacrifice a good night's sleep to save work a few pounds.

shouldnthavesaid Sun 19-Nov-17 00:54:55

Oh work arent paying no, it's Christmas do so paying ourselves. I'm an ex employee too having left in August.. as much as that confuses the issue. It is a duvet on the bed it turns out. Just a v v thin one. I've put heating on now. Hopefully colleague back soon and not too drunk!

MovingOnUpMovingOnOut Sun 19-Nov-17 01:06:51

So you’re sharing a room with a mate 🙄grin

Crank up the heating and you’ll be fine. Especially when your friend rolls in half cut and gently steaming wink

Sparklesocks Sun 19-Nov-17 01:37:08

Xmas do in mid November! You are very organised OP smile

Give reception a ring and ask for extra blankets too. Might be the maid got distracted half way through doing the bed and it was missed! In my experience Hilton’s have duvets. Just give them a call and you’ll soon be zzzzzz.

OutToGetYou Sun 19-Nov-17 02:27:26

I had that in a Travelodge, it was in the wardrobe, but I shivered under just a sheet all night (no phone in room, would have had to get dressed and go down, if there was even anyone there). I just assumed it was a mistake. They said they don't put them on in case people get too hot. Weird.

I reckon it's to save them from being chucked up on by all the hen parties.

shouldnthavesaid Sun 19-Nov-17 15:21:05

Turned out the blanket was the quilt .. they came up with a huge woollen blanket. Friend came in at 1, turns out she has a chesty cough so dont think either of us slept much. Worth it for the good night we had though. Yes very organised .. too much happening at work in next few weeks to do it any later really.

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