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Vaseline makes lips worse

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LuckyAmy1986 Fri 17-Nov-17 15:45:07


So I have been using vaseline for a couple of weeks just because mine and DDs lips seemed a little dry. Well every time I try to stop using it, my lips go really sore and red, which makes me want to put more vaseline on. It feels like a vicious circle! I need to go cold turkey I think so my lips can get back to normal. Has anyone else found this?

SloeSloeQuickQuickGin Fri 17-Nov-17 15:46:36

Use Blistex Daily Lip Cconditioner, comes in a little tub, its the only thing that works (IMHO) its around the 2 quid mark

Sunshineandeggshells Fri 17-Nov-17 15:47:10

Yes with other products but not with Vaseline.

DJBaggySmalls Fri 17-Nov-17 15:47:50

I use a beeswax based one, you have to apply it more often but it leaves my lips in great condition.

Ttbb Fri 17-Nov-17 15:48:50

You ncan edvto fibd sonething that will actually moisturise your lips. Paw paw ointment for example.

LuckyAmy1986 Fri 17-Nov-17 15:49:03

It's not like vaseline doesn't work, it makes my lips lovely and soft. But stop using it and it's not good! I don't want to switch to something else that would do this, if that makes sense? I'd rather just use nothing in that case!

loopsdefruit Fri 17-Nov-17 15:50:48

I can't stand vaseline personally, it doesn't ever feel like it actually changes my lips at all, just coats them.

Lip balms I have found that actually work are Lush's Honey Trap and anything lanolin based...or just pure medical grade lanolin.

haba Fri 17-Nov-17 15:50:55

Vaseline is no good for me either. I use Nivea creme, in the blue pots.

Blodplod Fri 17-Nov-17 15:54:04

Yes! I’m exactly the same OP. It just makes my dry sore lips even worse.. best ever lip salve is Milton Brown imho. My SIL visited once and her lips were in a right state, she had licked them so much she had big red rings round them they were so sore. I gave her a spare tube of Milton Brown and they were virtually healed in about 24-48 hours. They looked so bad it looked like it would take a week or so to sort out

Blodplod Fri 17-Nov-17 15:54:47

Molton not Milton! Bloody phone keeps trying to correct it!

Battleax Fri 17-Nov-17 15:56:34

No, but I always use Vaseline aloe on lips.

LuckyAmy1986 Fri 17-Nov-17 15:57:00

That's what mine are like now, so red around the outline! Very sore sad

Sandsunsea Fri 17-Nov-17 15:57:15

It’s best to not use anything during the day then use a lip salve while you sleep to repair

MrTrebus Fri 17-Nov-17 15:57:18

OP I was on a drug called Roaccutane, a massive horrible side effect is severely peeling lips. I went through the whole market of lip products and the only one that works is Palmers cocoa butter lip balm you can buy it in boots. IT IS AMAZING IT WILL WORK I PROMISE!

BabyOrSanta Fri 17-Nov-17 15:59:23

I read somewhere (possibly a magazine) that The way Vaseline works means you have to keep applying more and more to achieve the same effect... but I can't remember why
useless post

GaryBarlowsTaxReturn Fri 17-Nov-17 16:00:21

Try Carmex. It has salicylic acid in it to remove the dead skin. Vaseline is just an emollient; it doesn’t actually moisturise.

Ladylimpet Fri 17-Nov-17 16:01:34

My sister was saying this the other day!
I use the paw paw stuff. Have done for years. it's brill.

BlurryFace Fri 17-Nov-17 16:10:34

Huh, never really found this myself, though I'm not keen on how greasy it is - still end up using it though as I'm forever losing or accidentally washing lip balms and they're the ones you find everywhere.

I can't stand Carmex, something in it makes my lips really irritated.

I'm currently using a gin and tonic scented lip balm by The Prohibition Company at the moment that contains beeswax, shea and coconut oil which works really nicely without being super greasy.

TaliZorahVasNormandy Fri 17-Nov-17 16:15:23

Blistex is the only thing that works for me.

NannyR Fri 17-Nov-17 16:16:09

The lucas pawpaw ointment has petroleum jelly as its base, the same as vaseline.

RhiannonOHara Fri 17-Nov-17 16:18:24

YANBU. It's very drying. I struggle to find effective lip balms, TBH. Anything with petroleum jelly is a no-no but nicer ingredients seems to = loads of money. Carmex smells like horrible chemicals to me.

RefuseTheLies Fri 17-Nov-17 16:19:13

There's something in Vaseline that dries your lips out. So they told me at college anyway. I stopped using it.

DeadDoorpost Fri 17-Nov-17 16:19:29

I use Zambuk for when the edges of my lips need healing. It's an old ointment, it's green so you'd need to wipe any off after wearing it during the night, but it doesn't half work wonders! Ordered it through the pharmacy and the pharmacist hadn't heard of it being used in years so it brought some memories back for her lol.
I also use chapstick during the day rather than vaseline.

Ladylimpet Fri 17-Nov-17 16:20:14

Yes, the lucas one does. Although I use a different one, which just has paw paw in it. Nowt else. 👍

FlashTheSloth Fri 17-Nov-17 16:23:01

I use the No7 lip stuff, £10 a tube for a small amount but I put it on at night and as you use such a tiny amount, it lasts for ages. Although they are getting worse again lately. I also like cymex. It's a coldsore cream but can also be used for chapped lips. My lips flake really badly, it's awful.

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