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Neighbours selling our land.....

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willfuckformichilenstarfood Thu 16-Nov-17 18:00:18

So we purchased a house 18 months ago...... it came with 2.5 parking spaces, both on our (one space is half in our boundary and half in next foors) the deeds are very vague about this space. Both our deeds

JacquesHammer Thu 16-Nov-17 18:03:22

So which bit of the land is he selling? The half and half space?

Presumably half the space is in your title number which will be immediately flagged from the Land Registry plans

AnnetteCurtains Thu 16-Nov-17 18:04:49

What ?
Come back !

Fluffyears Thu 16-Nov-17 18:05:56

Eh? You need to Clarify who owns the space.

willfuckformichilenstarfood Thu 16-Nov-17 18:06:25

Sorry I half posted I’m keep typing. Stay with me!!!!!!

LazyDailyMailJournos Thu 16-Nov-17 18:09:43


Angrybird345 Thu 16-Nov-17 18:10:58

Waiting too .....

Angrybird345 Thu 16-Nov-17 18:11:26

Will there be diagrams? (Ponders what diagram will be)

MyDcAreMarvel Thu 16-Nov-17 18:11:50


ItsAllGoingToBeFine Thu 16-Nov-17 18:13:01

Diagram OP. It is the LAW.

CherryChasingDotMuncher Thu 16-Nov-17 18:14:11

Ooh I’ve a feeling this is gonna be a good one!

sunshineinabag Thu 16-Nov-17 18:15:16

Cannot stand this wait...I MUST know what both your deeds state

willfuckformichilenstarfood Thu 16-Nov-17 18:15:55

Both of deeds state we have space(s) but nothing more.

When we first moved in, they (nicely) told my partner they believed they own 3 spaces and us only 2. I went and spoke to her (nicely) apologised and said we were under the impression it was shared and would ensure our visitors didn’t park in it until such time we resolved it and I would go back to my solicitors and ask them to follow it up.

So I spoke to my solictor, he said exactly the above and that as it was vague and that as it was within both our boundary lines it was shared.

This was communicated and we agreed to share this space with which has been the case.

I knew they were selling in the near future, and a FOR SALE board went up today and the agents particulars state ‘3 privately owned parking spaces’

So AIBU to go an erect a fence right down the middle of the space (I’m not going to) however I have arranged a car to be parked in it for the next 3 weeks (friend on holiday) grin

Ttbb Thu 16-Nov-17 18:17:59

Why don't you just call the EA to clarify, they probably made a mistake.

rainbowduck Thu 16-Nov-17 18:18:00

I understand you are annoyed but that is a but aggressive to leave a parked car in it for three weeks without talking to them first.

Be the grown up.

Go and talk to them.

SilverSpot Thu 16-Nov-17 18:18:00

Yup - car parked with a big sign in the window saying "this space is not owned by #20"

bridgetreilly Thu 16-Nov-17 18:18:08

Having a shared space is bonkers. Could you talk to your neighbours and arrange to buy their half from them?

LazyDailyMailJournos Thu 16-Nov-17 18:18:09

Go and have a word with the neighbour. Remind them of the agreement. I would also point out that it is not in their interests to claim that the space is theirs, because if they accept an offer then this will come up as part of the conveyancing process - and it could cause all sorts of issues and delays. So better to be upfront about it - and if they want to advertise their property as having 3 privately owned spaces, then they are welcome to make you an offer to purchase your half of the space...

willfuckformichilenstarfood Thu 16-Nov-17 18:18:45

Ok ok now I’m drawing diagrams. Bear with me. I’d post the link however I want you all to list how I could possibly be the worst neighbour in the universe and I want no comebacks halo

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Thu 16-Nov-17 18:18:49

Maybe speak to the agents and let them know they are misselling...

JacquesHammer Thu 16-Nov-17 18:20:13

Offer to sell your half of the shared space to the neighbour...they'll soon change the listing with the agents

willfuckformichilenstarfood Thu 16-Nov-17 18:24:11

We are landscaping the front next year and was going to take the boundary back which I’ve also checked and is perfectly legal wink it would remove all doubt and we would be able to park 3 cars as would they. Win win

BewareOfDragons Thu 16-Nov-17 18:24:40

I'd have your solicitor send them and their estate agent a letter. QUickly.

TroelsLovesSquinkies Thu 16-Nov-17 18:31:17

I'll reserve judgement till the diagram appears

georgie262 Thu 16-Nov-17 18:34:31

Sounds very confusing to my small brain

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