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to think adults who wear disney character clothing are odd

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nailpolish Tue 17-Apr-07 08:43:18

honestly, why would a grown adult wear a jumper with Eeyore on it

Jujubean77 Tue 01-Dec-09 19:01:11

My step daughter 15 wears a distressed minnie t-shirt in a post Modern ironic way, all her friends do too, they are all tall and gorgeous and wear them with skinny jeans.

It is actually quite cool amongst the young 'uns now...

Doublebuggy Tue 01-Dec-09 18:48:42

I have NOT read all 7 pages

I once had a blind date with a bloke in a restaurant who said that I would recognise him because he would be wearing ....

his "mickey mouse nature lovers shirt"

it turned out to be a jumper with Mickey in some nature scene on it.

It was easy to find him in the restaurant.

There was no second date!

MintyCandyCane Tue 01-Dec-09 18:11:45

So who buys all the forever friends night dresses I see in M and S then ? I always look at them and think what an utter turn off that must be to men. Are there women out there that really wear those ?

MamaLazarou Tue 01-Dec-09 18:09:58

YANBU - these women are strange and I will never understand them.

LeQueen Tue 01-Dec-09 17:54:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lovechoc Tue 01-Dec-09 17:53:43

also have a vest top with Micky Mouse on it. Might be shameful, but at least it's a talking point with DC.

lovechoc Tue 01-Dec-09 17:51:59

I have an eeyore t-shirt and a betty boop t-shirt. the shame! blush

deaddei Tue 01-Dec-09 17:50:47

And women of a certain age who wear fleeces with SHEEP all over them.....

CarmenSanDiego Tue 01-Dec-09 17:50:08

Ooh, I have a fitted t-shirt with a line drawing of Tinkerbell on it. And some nice blue sweatpants with a vintage Mickey. And a fitted Hoodie with a tiny Tinkerbell motif. (I don't even like Tinkerbell, think she's a bit slutty... I was just cold at Disneyland and needed a hoodie!)

They're not awful, but I wouldn't do the big glaring print of Winne the Pooh or something.

(I have a local resident pass for Disneyland and go every few weeks... you're all just jealous grin)

Antdamm Tue 01-Dec-09 17:39:19

blush I have gotten terribly mixed up with all of the links to different threads about terrible clothing.

Just ignore me

Antdamm Tue 01-Dec-09 17:38:03

My Sil asks for WTP themed jammies every year - she's 24 hmm

I do buy them for her - mostly because they are so easy to get my hands on....

She also wanted to go to Disneyland Florida with her Husband for their honeymoon, but he DH said NO!

She still wants to go and is hoping to go next year, but her DH is less than keen....

She has WTP paraphenelia all around her house - and she used to have loads of WTP cuddly toys which took up a large portion of her bed. I think they may be in storage until they have a kid hmm

dionnelorraine Tue 24-Apr-07 11:28:29

ok, maybe I could be persuaded for a thousand!

niceglasses Tue 24-Apr-07 11:17:16

A few yrs back on me MSc in Computing (for arts thickos like wot I am) it seemed to be compulsory for the girls to wear Disney stuff and the lads to wear horrible 80s Christmas jumpers and carry plastic bags with there books in.

nailpolish Tue 24-Apr-07 11:17:06

lol expat

so would i

expatinscotland Tue 24-Apr-07 11:15:26

Oh, I don't know, I'd wear one for a thousand or so.

dionnelorraine Tue 24-Apr-07 11:06:35

I HATE the t.shirt thing though! Would NEVER wear a disney item of clothing unless I was paid millions of pounds to do so! he,he

dionnelorraine Tue 24-Apr-07 08:45:38

mustrunmore.....I have a bambi tattoo on my lower back. Its very cute. I want to get a little pink bird to symbolyse my little girl. I know thats not disney, but still cartoony. I think if its small and can be covered up if needed then its cute!

Emprexia Tue 24-Apr-07 08:27:27

I love Eeyore, i did used to wear T-shirts with him on, but now i tend to stick to keyrings.
I do have one guilty pleasure, lol, DH knows i have an Aspergers Syndrome induced Eeyore obsession, and he bought me a pair of eeyore knickers from BHS for xmas. Gotta love that man.

As for pj's i don't see the problem in sleeping in pj's with WTP stuff on, i love my WTP jammies, and so does my 7mo DS who sits and pats the character on my top while i'm feeding him.

I'm actually wearing a set with Snoopy on at the moment.

Quokate Mon 23-Apr-07 22:37:21

ShirleyMac! I'm so JEALOUS!

Can I have your Chewbacca hairy backpack PPPPPPPPLLLLLLLEEEEEAAAASSSEE! Seriously - I would be topbananas with my DD and DS as we're all Star Wars FREAKS!!!!

viticella Fri 20-Apr-07 16:35:59

I have a Tigger t-shirt that was in a sale at New Look - thought better afterward but annoyingly it's a very flattering cut and colour so I still wear it!

Shaun the sheep is different though!

Roskva70percentcocoa Wed 18-Apr-07 11:14:06

It's not just rather odd, it's extremely odd! But then, I'm probably just a snob cos I hate clothes with any sort of logo on

hannahsaunt Wed 18-Apr-07 10:35:36

Yes - it's odd (rather than yes you're being unreasonable).

hannahsaunt Wed 18-Apr-07 10:34:52

Gosh yes.

Ponce Wed 18-Apr-07 10:01:21


Washersaurus Wed 18-Apr-07 10:00:05

I will admit to having a tiger shaped bag that I loved.....

I was 10 years old!

I'm not keen on any character themed type of stuff really (its all a big marketing ploy y'know), but I wouldn't stop my DS from having something if he really wanted it - he is currently sporting a spiderman cap and sunglasses which he loves so much he wears them indoors!

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