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to think adults who wear disney character clothing are odd

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nailpolish Tue 17-Apr-07 08:43:18

honestly, why would a grown adult wear a jumper with Eeyore on it

colditz Tue 17-Apr-07 08:44:32

I really rteally do not know why women in their fifties are obsessed with Winnie the Pooh.

It is SAD.

Nemo2007 Tue 17-Apr-07 08:45:02

I have a t shirt with winnie the pooh on..pmsl..although it isnt obviously winnie the pooh..god with that and crocs I really am a MN no no arent I!!!!

tarantula Tue 17-Apr-07 08:45:11

Because he/she is a grumpy git?

2shoes Tue 17-Apr-07 08:46:05

i have 2 with micky on them. Why? because dd loves them and so do I. It makes her smile
do I care that people think i am
I think it is sad that people give a shit

no no no no.
don't do it.
put the character clothes, bags etc etc AWAY.

nailpolish Tue 17-Apr-07 08:46:43

pet peev is the fleeces with winnie the pooh on it. embroidered. i ASK you...

nailpolish Tue 17-Apr-07 08:47:45

2shoes i DONT give a shit

im just mildly interested

its not as if they are cheap either, if from disney shop

you could get a pretty monsoon top for the same price

REIDmylips Tue 17-Apr-07 08:47:50

i have a tshirt with tigger on too, dont wear it very often but still wear it (although i'm not in my fifties!) does that ake mesad!?!

REIDmylips Tue 17-Apr-07 08:48:54

i may not be sad, but i obviously cant type!

fryalot Tue 17-Apr-07 08:49:02

I was quite upset when I got too fat for my eeyore top

cathcart Tue 17-Apr-07 08:49:37

sad methinks

nailpolish Tue 17-Apr-07 08:50:54

VERY sad

honestly, do you really think to yourself "oh i will look so fetching in that shapeless tee shirt with the disney motif"

MrsBadger Tue 17-Apr-07 08:51:42

do you know these people actually concern me more than ones who swig juice in Tesco.

JARM Tue 17-Apr-07 08:52:07

i live in my eeyore dungarees when heavily pregnant - got them in america when i was fat and young and stupid

littlelapin Tue 17-Apr-07 08:52:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mustrunmore Tue 17-Apr-07 08:54:06

Clothing is disgusting, but not as bad as Disney/other cartoon tattooes <<ducks for cover>>. I love tattooes, but why would anyone want a cartoon???

nailpolish Tue 17-Apr-07 08:55:28

oh god yes lots of people have winnie the pooh tattoos dont they

i know someone who has a huge disney clothing collection

car ornments
keyrings (which she loops onto jeans)
its beyond me

REIDmylips Tue 17-Apr-07 08:57:51

<<<runs off to bin tigger t shirt!>>>

HumphreysCorner Tue 17-Apr-07 09:04:30

Proud to be wearing my Piglet T-Shirt this morning.

sockmonkey Tue 17-Apr-07 09:23:30

I never got the obesssion with winney the pooh, when Tigger is clearly much more cool. I think it depends on the character TBH.
But then again, I wear a batman watch (and have batman pjs). Do comic book heros count as sad?

nogoes Tue 17-Apr-07 09:34:19

When I was around 25 I would wear quite tight fitting disney tops that I bought from Camden Market to go backpacking, I have no idea why I wouldn't be seen dead in them now. I don't get the whole adult obession with disney/cuddly toys either. I worked with a 50+ woman who was obsessed with Tigger, really weird. My very intelligent sensible 24 yrd old SIL got loads of winnie the pooh stuff for Christmas, why? I am a grumpy old sod though and lost my inner child years ago.

Flamesparrow Tue 17-Apr-07 09:40:23

Oh god yes MRM - met a guy once who had a giant forghorn leghorn on his calf (calve??)!!!

Jealousyisgreen Tue 17-Apr-07 09:45:37

My 27 yr old SIL is obsessed. But then she still lives in her childhood anyway

She sits on her dh's knee and likes to be patted, even when people are visiting. (I dont anymore) (visit that is, not sit on her dhs knee)

She has glass/porcelain pots, like honey jars. She has huge teddies in the spare room. She also has royal doulton with WTP on it. She can quite often be heard to shreik "Ohh I love Winnie The Pooh!!" When my kids were born she got them tigger outfits, which I give to the local hospital for sick children

She has no children of her own yet, but I fear the obsession will worsen when she does

saggers Tue 17-Apr-07 09:45:50

My mum, in a moment of madness, once bought herself a jumper with a kitchen scene appliquéed(sp?) onto it. It was almost as bad as a Disney motif.

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