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To think Hollywood would never make Blazing Saddles in today's climate?

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1DAD2KIDS Wed 15-Nov-17 00:10:15

I really enjoyed the movie and the mockery of bigotry. But I would guess in our current climate and all its sensitivity the script would be maybe too risqué today?

MissConductUS Wed 15-Nov-17 00:21:23

I love that movie! That and Young Frankenstein,

I think you can still mock bigotry today. "Don't move or I'll shoot the Sheriff." Classic! grin

PeiPeiPing Wed 15-Nov-17 00:37:58

Oh hell no! Not with the PC leftie millennial snowflake brigade and their predictable faux outrage! The whole film would end up on the cutting room floor!

WeirdAndPissedOff Wed 15-Nov-17 00:42:53

Pc (ish) leftie millenial here - Blazing Saddles is one of my favourite movies! grin
Though I do agree it would never be made today.

MexicanBob Wed 15-Nov-17 01:22:16

It's Mel Brookes's masterpiece and the greatest attack on racism ever filmed. Love it!

kmc1111 Wed 15-Nov-17 03:55:37

They wouldn't, but not because of 'PC culture' (btw, back when it was released it's anti-racism message was the very height of 'political correctness' and it had many detractors on that score). When people say things like this it makes me wonder how much current media they actually consume.

Hollywood wouldn't greenlight it today because they very, very rarely finance comedy films like that these days, whether controversial or completely benign. Blazing Saddles is a straight comedy film, not a family comedy or a dramedy or frat bro comedy or a gross out comedy...Hollywood rarely makes a comedy now if it's not targeted at a specific audience. Blazing Saddles doesn't fit into a neat box like that, so it would be an extremely hard sell, as would many other comedies from that time.

1DAD2KIDS Wed 15-Nov-17 12:34:03

kmc1111 you raise a good point that Hollywood tends to try and broaden the appeal of movies. This can often be seen in their changing of scripts, locations, editing etc to pander to the sensibilities of the Chinese Comunist Party in shameless attempts to get movies shown in China. Thus accessing that really lucrative market. But I'm pretty sure a lot of the script of blazing saddles would not wash today. Granted I would guess more out of fear of who controversy can harm profits than out of a miss guided sense of social justice or not trying to cause emotional harm to some groups.

I do sometimes think we throw the baby out with the bath water with our current environment.

JayoftheRed Wed 15-Nov-17 12:59:28

We watched this last year, and it was hilarious. But one of my friends who watched it with us just got offended, and went on about how racist it was. I tried to explain satire and that it was trying to show just how stupid racism is but she didn't get it and was just offended.

Mind you, she doesn't get Have I Got News For You either, so perhaps it was too much to hope.

I loved it though, the fight at the end!

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