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DrizzleHair Tue 14-Nov-17 21:38:24

I can't work out the following. Do I use 'yourselves', 'you', or something else?


I was given your details by a friend who recently changed her daughter's name, verified by yourselves. 


Putyourdamnshoeson Tue 14-Nov-17 21:40:26

If you word it this way, you. Never yourselves.

VanillaSugar Tue 14-Nov-17 21:41:23

Well, is "you" plural or singular?

YouStoleTheBowlFromTheRoom Tue 14-Nov-17 21:41:37

^^ That 😚

Putyourdamnshoeson Tue 14-Nov-17 21:41:49

My friend recently changed her daughter's name, she has passed me your details as you verified it. Etc

YouStoleTheBowlFromTheRoom Tue 14-Nov-17 21:42:33

It doesn’t matter if single or plural - yourself/yourselves are reflexive, and not appropriate here.

You tickled yourself
Signed by you

For example!

NetRunner Tue 14-Nov-17 21:42:52

Just 'you' here.

Fettuccinecarbonara Tue 14-Nov-17 21:43:00

'As verified by you'

GU24Mum Tue 14-Nov-17 21:43:08

Definitely "you".

You can probably make the sentence a bit more readable depending what the next section

A friend of mine has passed your details to me. You recently verified the change of name for her daughter ............. and I would like to know if you can do this for me............

Prictoriafeckam Tue 14-Nov-17 21:43:25

"You" is fine; "yourselves" doesn't add anything, just comes across as pompous. Or you could put "which you verified".

Lowdoorinthewal1 Tue 14-Nov-17 21:43:47

verified by your organisation?

Goldmandra Tue 14-Nov-17 21:44:03

Definitely you, not yourselves (ever).

inappropriateraspberry Tue 14-Nov-17 21:44:42

I like fettuccine, id go with ‘as verified by you’.

Lowdoorinthewal1 Tue 14-Nov-17 21:45:38

I was given your details by a friend who recently changed her daughter's name; this name change was verified by your organisation.

DrizzleHair Tue 14-Nov-17 21:47:52

Thanks all!

A pet hate of mine is when people use myself when they should say 'me', but I was having a real mental block with this one.

Ta for the correction

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