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DP using good stuff

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sunshineinabag Tue 14-Nov-17 14:16:28

Lighthearted and yes I know IABU and petty but in pissy mood so fancied a rant grin

Anyone else have a DP who uses their (expensive, for colour treated hair) masks and conditioners on their buzzcuts? A DP who uses their (expensive, for sensitive skin) cleanser and makeup remover to wash their (normal) face (that they just splash with water in their own home)?


blackteasplease Tue 14-Nov-17 14:33:23

YANBU not to want him to do this.

I'm assuming that you have spoken to him about it? If not then YABU not to!

You could chose to hide the stuff if he is using it despite having been asked not to, but if he is just ignoring your request to leave this stuff alone it would lead me to question things more generally.

BatteredBreadedOrSouthernFried Tue 14-Nov-17 14:37:15

I caught my son using my purple bleached blonde toning shampoo on his brown hair! grin err, when you earn your own money you can buy £17 bottles of shampoo, until then. No!

DaisysStew Tue 14-Nov-17 14:41:12

No, but I remember my brother visiting my sister and I and using her entire bottle of expensive moisturiser on his chest (bodybuilder so big area to cover). We were skint at the time and she was furious! grin

PinkHeart5914 Tue 14-Nov-17 14:43:31

My dh doesn’t need mine his got his own expensive products 😂

Skarossinkplunger Tue 14-Nov-17 14:46:59

My DH is a firm believer in the bathroom fairy. You know the one that just magically
stocks the bathroom with all the lotions and potions. However our bathroom fairy (aka yours truly) buys me lovely expensive one’s which get hidden, and leaves the cheap
Men’s ones out for him. (Then he coverts the Clinique for Men stuff my mother buys him like Gollum with his ring)

isthismylifenow Tue 14-Nov-17 14:49:11

Not a dh, but a dd. I walked into my room one morning and there she was plastering her face with my Clarins (extra firming over 40's if you don't mind) moisturizer! It was on her ears and all down her neck. When I asked her about her, she said that her friend told her that her mum had told her that if you don't moisturize your ears, you will look like an elf!

Ok, she was about 7, but still. It made a big dent in my moisturizer pot. hmm

Don't have a dh anymore, but just remembered that was one thing that bugged the crap out of me. Using my expensive shampoo!!

Jaxhog Tue 14-Nov-17 15:08:25

My DH has stopped doing this since I started buying him his own Clinique mens' stuff for Christmas and birthdays. Thus solving 2 problems in one (what to buy him for..etc.)

BBTHREE76 Tue 14-Nov-17 15:21:31

My DH used my Elemis Milk bath. You are supposed to put a tiny bit in and he used half a bottle. It's £30 a bottle and he then has the cheek to moan it made the bath too slimy. 😳 I buy it and hide it now.

DeadDoorpost Tue 14-Nov-17 15:25:51

I don't have this problem thankfully as DH likes to use the cheap stuff because he doesn't treat himself and refuses to let me get him nice things.

I do however have a problem with him using my nice lovely fancy pens and using expensive cheeses with no thought... he loves cheese and will just go mad with it. Err... nope! That block was for something very particular, not just for your cheese sandwich DH...

sunshineinabag Tue 14-Nov-17 15:28:09

Yeah mine pisses me off also with the way he'll chow down on my snacks and peanuts when he gets the midnight muchies until the whole bag has gone!

Scentofwater Tue 14-Nov-17 15:30:36

Yanbu. I had to have serious conversations with DH about this. Given he hates spending money unnecessarily I can't understand why he keeps using my stuff when I've bought him cheaper but perfectly adequate alternatives. He has 3mm of hair ffs!

My extremely expensive face hypoallergenic sunscreen also was slathered over his shoulders and arms, when I saw that I cried a little. He knows it's special stuff but I guess didn't realise just how expensive it is. At £15-£20 per tiny bottle I only allow myself one bottle a year and ration so carefully! When it's run out it's hats or sunburn!

pasturesgreen Tue 14-Nov-17 15:44:13

Scen, isn't the whole point of sunscreen to buy something you can afford, therefore allowing you to apply liberally and avoid sunburn?

<misses point of thread entirely>

OneFlewOverTheDodosNest Tue 14-Nov-17 15:44:56

I was just about to post about suncream! I get awful heatrash and so buy expensive suncream AND high factor as well - DH is always convinced that he'll only need factor 20 until we get on holiday, he burns first day and then wants to use my stuff rather than pay a fortune to get it abroad.

allertse Tue 14-Nov-17 15:45:24

I remember getting really angry with my DP when we first lived together (we had separate finances).

I bought fancy shampoo and conditioner and he bought cheap stuff from the corner shop. He couldn't understand why I got irritated when he would use up my stuff and then replace it with cheap crap. Took a while for me to get it into his head that he might see the replacement as like-for-like, but I didn't. Told him he could buy the expensive stuff when it was his turn, or he could stop using my stuff.

It eventually sunk in!

pasturesgreen Tue 14-Nov-17 15:45:32

Scent, bloody autocorrect!

MyRelationshipIsWeird Tue 14-Nov-17 15:50:29

XH used to complain about how expensive my favourite freshly squeezed orange juice was, and then guzzle down a pint of it and say it tasted the same as value orange angry

DP often buys me a bottle of posh orange as a little treat smile

amusedbush Tue 14-Nov-17 15:57:21

Not so much products but food. He eats what he wants and has all his own snacks.

I buy expensive, healthier snacks because I'm losing weight. I put these in a separate cupboard.

He'll eat all of his own snacks over two days and the forage around for mine angry

Scentofwater Tue 14-Nov-17 15:57:48

pasture I do for my body, but the skin on my face is so sensitive (eczema and spots, lovely) and most sunscreens are either really heavy or make my skin react. So I buy cheap stuff for the rest of me and slap it on, but my face has to be treated a bit more carefully. Besides, it's one of very few luxuries I have.

coldcanary Tue 14-Nov-17 16:00:36

DS is like this. Spent years only washing when one of us stood over him and made him do it, hit teenage years and suddenly he needed half a dozen different waxes and sprays on his inch long hair. He has a part time job now so he can buy his own stuff but DH used to have to hide his pricey hair gunk because DS would use half a tub in a week!

Lotsawobblybits Tue 14-Nov-17 16:01:02

Aaaahh..... the mystery of the Molton Brown bubble bath! Solved when I caught DP using a good half a big bottle in his bath! shock

Elemis Lime Blossom cleanser apparently makes your beard soft and less itchy hmm

WhatALoadOfOldBollocks Tue 14-Nov-17 16:02:27

isn't the whole point of sunscreen to buy something you can afford, therefore allowing you to apply liberally

Not when the only stuff that doesn't cause spots or irritability on the face, that comes in a tiny bottle and is 4 times the price of other sun creams, is almost all used up to cover someone else's body, when a cheap sunscreen would do the job just as well at a fraction of the price. I'd be really annoyed if a bloke of mine used my special facial sun screen as I wouldn't be able to use anything else.

disneydatknee Tue 14-Nov-17 16:12:42

DH uses my expensive shampoo and conditioner all the time. He says it doesn’t do anything for his hair but he just likes the smell!!! And he admitted to using my razor to shave his beard in the shower. No wonder I have to change the blades so often. And they aren’t cheap to replace. He also started using my shaving balm from lush. It’s not an extortionate price but is a luxury item to me. Oh and I bought a load of ankle socks for the gym that all miraculously jumped from my drawer into his haha. Don’t even get me started on him stealing squares of my chocolate. I calorie count so I know exactly how many squares I have had and how many are left! The cheeky git. Just as well I love him eh wink

deydododatdodontdeydo Tue 14-Nov-17 16:14:06

No, but DH may wonder why his razors go blunt very quickly, yet I have nice smooth legs wink*.

*Partially a lie, I stopped doing this now, I don't think he's any wiser.

Scentofwater Tue 14-Nov-17 17:15:49

Yes! It's not just me! <High fives OldBollocks>

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