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To ask you to send me money so I can....

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brasty Tue 14-Nov-17 11:16:28

buy an enormous field and outbuilding to house a herd of capybaras?

NaiceToMeetYou Tue 14-Nov-17 11:17:52

Oh my 😍 cheque is in the post op as long as I can come and live with you.

WhooooAmI24601 Tue 14-Nov-17 11:18:16

They used to have these at Twycross Zoo (they might still have them, all we ever look at are the snow leopards and the indoor play) and they never looked this cute!

I shall donate £4.72 to the cause.

WitchesHatRim Tue 14-Nov-17 11:19:04

Oh they are cute grin

JesusTapdancingChrist Tue 14-Nov-17 11:19:13

I'll chip in so long as you include showers for them 😍.

ghostyslovesheets Tue 14-Nov-17 11:19:26

just found 23p under the sofa cushion - do I get to pat them once a year?

brasty Tue 14-Nov-17 11:19:57

Yes I can include showers, and you can all visit. You can't actually live with me though.

appella Tue 14-Nov-17 11:21:01

They are my absolute favourite animal.

ButchyRestingFace Tue 14-Nov-17 11:21:04

They are cute. Not as cute as baby sloths in pyjamas but a close second. 💕

schoolgaterebel Tue 14-Nov-17 11:22:43

The cheque is in the mail grin

brasty Tue 14-Nov-17 11:24:44

Just in case anyone stupid is reading this and tried to buy one as a pet, they are herd animals and can run up to 30 miles an hour, so need a lot of space.

butchyrestingface I plan to crowdfund for sloths once I have the capybaras

AwkwardPaws27 Tue 14-Nov-17 11:24:44

For what it's worth, guinea pigs make delightful mini substitutes!

Soubriquet Tue 14-Nov-17 11:25:15

Make sure you keep your fingers clear...they can be quite aggressive and can give a very nasty bite

brasty Tue 14-Nov-17 11:29:50

I didn't know they bit, but makes sense. Apparently personality wise they are like cats. Will only cuddle you when they want to. So I guess you just need to respect their space.

DancesWithOtters Tue 14-Nov-17 11:33:44

Insta account I follow.

thecatsthecats Tue 14-Nov-17 11:35:31

I wish someone would tell my cats that. Apparently it's impossible to offend them enough that they don't want to cuddle you 24/7.

BarbaraofSevillle Tue 14-Nov-17 11:35:53

One of our city parks is opening a new Wildlife World, including capybaras, in a couple of weeks. I can't wait. I'm even thinking about spending the grand sum of £20 for an annual pass so I can go as often as I like.

I haven't been for years so want to know if they still have the wallabies, but they're also getting tapirs too. I had to google those, they're cute as the pic demonstrates, but I think they might be in danger of being outshone by the capybaras.

brasty Tue 14-Nov-17 11:38:10

Yes guinea pigs are cute too, and more realistic for us to get.

SlothMama Tue 14-Nov-17 11:38:32

I'll donate only if you do get sloths because they are really cute and are my spirit animal

SchadenfreudePersonified Tue 14-Nov-17 11:42:51

Baby Tapirs are very cute^- adults not quite so much. One in Edinburgh Zoo did a most explosive, projectile, and stinky poo when we were there some years ago. DS and DD (then aged 8 and 5) thought it was ^hilarious

So did I, truth be told. grin

SchadenfreudePersonified Tue 14-Nov-17 11:43:42

Sorry - there is a cheque in the post, obviously. It is £2.79 - my most recent (and largest) lottery win.

soupforbrains Tue 14-Nov-17 11:45:49

I adore Capybaras! you can see them in the wild in the south of France. They're so gorgeous.

Can I open up a neighbouring Otter farm/sanctuary/fun park?

IncyWincyGrownUp Tue 14-Nov-17 11:46:54

They remind me of brown moomins walking on all fours.

I wish to sponsor a capybara as long as it’s named Moomintroll. A bank transfer of £7.83 will be made in due course.

midsomermurderess Tue 14-Nov-17 11:47:42

They are so lovely, a few of them and a few of these lovely creatures, and I'd be happy.

brasty Tue 14-Nov-17 11:48:06

Apparently there was a capybara on the river bank at this years Henley Regatta that had escaped from a nearby wildlife sanctuary. I would love capybaras to live in the wild in Britain.

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