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What to do about cleaner?

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notsurewhen Tue 14-Nov-17 11:02:11

I know this is not the biggest issue but could just do with another opinion or two.

We have had the same lovely cleaner for 8 years now. But sadly we need to stop having a cleaner - as our budget is getting too tight and we don't have the same need for the extra help as we used to have.

Although she is self employed I don't want to let her go without any sort of extra payment as she has been very good reliable etc but the most we can afford is to keep her on until Xmas. Usually she has the week off at Xmas and we pay her for that week plus an extra week's pay as a sort of Xmas gift/bonus. (I know she is struggling for money and prefers the extra money to receiving a gift as she has told me this).

I am feeling sad about telling her and wondering what the best timing would be.

Should I:
1. Let her go just before Xmas (around the 21st December) and give her 4 weeks pay at the time and say we no longer need her. (So effectively 3 weeks "extra" as a kind of notice/leaving/Xmas bonus);

2. Keep her until Xmas, give her the usual Xmas pay and then when she comes back in the New Year, I would have to tell her then that we don't need her any more. If we do this, we could only afford to give her a maximum one week's "extra" on top of that week's pay.

3. Tell her much earlier (eg next week or two) and give her her usual pay plus 4 weeks notice/Xmas/bonus pay.

It is just a question of timing really. I know it has to be done but just want to choose the best time. And with Xmas coming up it makes it more difficult. I am leaning toward option 2 but my husband is pushing for option 3! He also says we should tell her well before Xmas so she has a chance to try and line up more work and also can plan her Xmas spending.

Worriedobsessive Tue 14-Nov-17 11:04:15

3. Although I would push for option 4, keep her but drop to fortnightly or monthly. Live on pound shop pot noodles if you have to, but if you have found a good cleaner then hang on to her!

Dobopdidoo1 Tue 14-Nov-17 11:04:15

Your husband is right. It’s not fair to throw her in the lurch when you’ve made the decision to let her go for a while.

Give her time to line up more work. It’s the decent thing to do.

DancingLedge Tue 14-Nov-17 11:05:37

You say she needs the money - so give her as much notice as possible, so that she stands the best chance of finding alternative work.And as much bonus as you feel appropriate.
Don't tell her just before Christmas - unkind.

bostonkremekrazy Tue 14-Nov-17 12:13:08

Tell her now...she will appreciate the notice - though our cleaner has a waiting list so she'd be fine. Good cleaners are hard to find!
Hubby is right (did i just say that!?) shock

notsurewhen Wed 15-Nov-17 19:46:54

Thank you for the advice. I will have to take a deep breath and speak to her when she comes next week. I will give her the pay for that day plus about 4 weeks extra in a separate envelope with a card. I think that is fair.

I would like her to do the cleaning next week so should I speak to her at the end or when she arrives? Part of me thinks say something upfront but then there could be this awkwardness as she does her cleaning? I do like her, so would like to part on good terms.

Laiste Wed 15-Nov-17 19:56:00

I'd do it as she arrives. But ...

why not keep her working till xmas as you would normally. Give her the notice asap that you won't need her from the new year, and then give her the 4 weeks goodbye prezzy in her last wage packet?

Laiste Wed 15-Nov-17 19:57:48

On her last cleaning day you could just have her do a very basic whip round while you do some special coffee or cake or something so that it's a lovely last day and not awkward?

notsurewhen Wed 15-Nov-17 20:30:20

Thanks for the advice. I will talk to her when she arrives, make her a coffee and not expect too much cleaning! I really don't want to keep her on after I give her notice - I am at home much more now as my hours have been cut (hence not really needing or affording her now) and to be honest this week I was there while she was cleaning and I just kept thinking I could do it myself. I am probably overthinking it as she must have customers who come and go. Just that she has been with us a long time.

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