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Expectation v reality

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Rebeccaslicker Tue 14-Nov-17 08:38:09

Last night I was reading a chick lit book where the 2 main characters really hate each other at first. The usual sort of thing; a smouldering hero with a hidden soft spot, lots of sparkling dialogue and loads of sexual tension. I don't normally read this sort of thing, and it was an excellent rom-com, so I was really enjoying it.

But every time I tried to get really caught up in it, my real life romantic hero was talking to me about carpets instead of smouldering inscrutably; cooking stinky pork instead of seducing me in a hotel lift; swigging a beer whilst watching "the walking dead"; grunting as he heaved himself around the sofa to get comfortable; and finally belching after the efforts all combined.... sigh.

Totally ruined the moment! WIBU to think he could just have been a dashing swoonsome hero for an hour or two? Or frankly even just quiet would have done 😂

When did reality last intrude on your harmless fun?

doodle01 Tue 14-Nov-17 08:39:42

Were you wearing anything alluring

Rebeccaslicker Tue 14-Nov-17 08:44:25

Haha no, I am sure he could have written an equally damning post - I was in my work suit and eating lentil soup...

TathitiPete Tue 14-Nov-17 10:00:58

Agreed OP, I was reading Shutter Island recently and not then nor since has DH begun to resemble Leonardo DiCaprio! Or Mark Ruffalo! The cheek! grin

Mind you I wouldn't regularly be mistaken for Kate Beckinsale or ScarJo so I suppose I'll have to keep my irritation to myself.

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