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AIBU expecting owners to pick up after their dog if they made a mess on someone else's front lawn?

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Busybee1234 Mon 13-Nov-17 18:25:45

We recently moved to a house on a private road. The road ends next to woodland that is very popular with dog owners walking their dogs.

Without fail I find dog poo on my front lawn every couple of days. It is definitely dog poo, not fox or cat (way too big and neat to be the latter). Dogs are not off their leads on our road. I am puzzled as to why the owner(s) would just leave the poo there in broad daylight when they must certainly see their dog doing it / be waiting for it to finish before walking on? The grass is always short and the front garden is tidy so the poo is always very obvious / within reach.

Please enlighten me why some people would find leaving their dog's mess on someone else's front lawn day after day acceptable? And how to deal with the situation without being antisocial? I've considered putting a sign up but don't really want it to be the first thing people see when they approach our house.

I've put sensors up a while ago but they really make a racket and disturb people who are just passing by. Strangely when I had them up for 2 days we had no dog poo in the front garden for a week. A week later we were back to my toddler stepping in it, us having to pick it up each time we mow, etc. We also sprinkled red pepper which had no effect.

gunsandbanjos Mon 13-Nov-17 18:27:06

YADNBU, people are arseholes.

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