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How's Instagram running mate?

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healzam Mon 13-Nov-17 03:25:19

This post intrigued me. Any updates on old mate from Instagram

AstridWhite Mon 13-Nov-17 03:51:41

Que? confused

HeartsTrumpDiamonds Mon 13-Nov-17 03:53:51


JungleBooty Mon 13-Nov-17 04:00:34

Yes, you are BU.

JungleBooty Mon 13-Nov-17 04:00:57

Yes, you are BU.

healzam Mon 13-Nov-17 20:20:06

Please explain?

BriechonCheese Mon 13-Nov-17 20:21:19


Ohyesiam Mon 13-Nov-17 20:37:14

A thread about a thread, which is not allowed on mn.....shock

healzam Mon 13-Nov-17 22:17:01

Ooops sorry, newbie here. Is there away to delete.

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