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to expect tradesmen to ....

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bewilderbeast Mon 16-Apr-07 16:33:46

either ensure they have flushed the loo properly after using it or use the loo brush so that I am not faced with a loo full of stinky Sh*t when they have gone home. This has happened with several different tradesmen in the last couple of months and I am fed up. I am getting to the point where I think that I should ban any workmen from using my loo but that would seem rude to me and likely to provoke poor workmanship. So am I being unreasonable?

Tanee58 Mon 16-Apr-07 16:42:41

Perfectly reasonable. Can't think of anything more disgusting than dealing with someone else's poo and wee (except a baby's). I had the same experience with some men doing repairs and redecoration after an insurance claim. They did lovely work, but after the first day it looked like they hadn't flushed the loo at all all day - and I didn't even like to ponder whether they'd washed their hands!! They were better the next day, after I'd asked them politely to flush because of the smell/stain etc. But what I want to know is, WHY???? Do they treat their own homes in this way? I thought this was an isolated instance since I haven't used workmen before or since, but after reading your message, am beginning to wonder...

moondog Mon 16-Apr-07 16:43:12

Actually shitting in someone else's khazi is unspeakably bad manners whoever you are.
Only acceptable if under 16 or staying overnight imho.

goodnanny Mon 16-Apr-07 17:35:35

Gross, whenever (ex)dh's mates came round they all seemed to shite in our loo, and not bother to flush it..

Blondelle Mon 16-Apr-07 18:04:34

Foul - at least they're not pissing in your sink or wanking in the garden shed.

moondog Mon 16-Apr-07 18:50:27

Who is to say they aint Blondelle??

OrmIrian Mon 16-Apr-07 18:53:54

Is it a man thing though? DH never cleans the toilet bowl after he's polluted it. He tells me that he thinks a shi*ty toliet brush is worse than a shi*ty toilet bowl. Obviously never occured to him that you don't leave the brush shi*ty....

moondog - I think it's a bit harsh not to allow foreign poo to sully your bowl! If the poor bloke is there all day.... he might do it in the flower beds instead like my cat.

moondog Mon 16-Apr-07 18:57:22

)Orm,I would expect a plumber or similar to drive off in lunch break and crap somewhere else frankly...

Good point about shitty brush too.

SofiaAmes Tue 17-Apr-07 05:29:53

moondog, do you ban all people from your toilet, or just those beings who are less worthy than you. People of different races, maybe? Or just people who have less education? Or people who earn less than you? I do hope you are's so hard to tell sometimes when you can't see facial expressions.
Dh is a builder, so I'm a little sensitive. He always flushes and cleans, by the way.

OrmIrian Tue 17-Apr-07 08:04:05

So is mine sofia - but he doesn't (dirty pig ). I think he would in someone else's though.

moondog Tue 17-Apr-07 21:22:17

Nowt to do with class or status Sofia. I have nothing against builders at all. On the contrary,the friend/builder we have is a man I like very much and admire enormously.

When he comes to my house I make him lovely sandwiches and iced drinks all day long.

I just don't want anyone who isn't immediate family shitting in my house. Ideally i would even have my vey own loo.

lucyellensmum Tue 17-Apr-07 21:58:24

bewilderd, i was having a conversation with my v polite builder hubby the other day about just that, he does not feel comfy "going" in someone elses house and wouldn't dream of using their toilet. Is it worse that he wee's in a bottle and brings it home? But apparently, the guy who he is subcontracting for has a clause in his contract about just that, are the clients happy for the builders to use their bogs? If not, thats fine, and i can really understand that, personally i would have more of a problem with muddy boots being trapsed where they dont need to be, but if the client objects then they provide a porta-loo, at the clients expense. I dont think you are being unreasonable at all but this is not the sort of behaviour i would expect from a decent builder anyway.

As for people looking down on builders, let em, most of my friends are either PhDs or at least graduates, and my hubby has more common sense and practicality (is that spelt right, i doubt it) than all of them put togehter.

chocolattegirl Tue 17-Apr-07 22:48:56

Using the loo is one thing but leaving it dirty is another . If I was having a big job done (excuse the unintential pun) then I'd hire a Portaloo. Nasty things though they are.

OrmIrian Wed 18-Apr-07 13:41:05

lucyellensmum - my DH is a builder and a graduate. And he always prefers to come home and pollute his own loo.

vimfuego Wed 18-Apr-07 13:45:50

moondog I think you should make it clear to your visitors when they arrive what the rules are, vis a vis lavatorial activity, and what functions one is permitted to carry out given time spent in the house. I imagine it would be some sort of laminated chart, perhaps the rules for close friends and family on one side, and 'others' on the other.

lucyellensmum Wed 18-Apr-07 14:00:00

yes - iran, i should think so too

Actually, bad mannered builders, and it seems there are a lot of them, really get my goat, and sheep too. It gives the rest, the majority, who are hardworking trades/craftsmen who take pride in producing a great job and improving peoples homes, a bad name.

I have to say, the way in which some people look down on builders as the "little man" who did my conservatory/bathroom/garden etc get my entire farm!

babyonboard Wed 18-Apr-07 14:03:40

We had builders refurbishing a room in our house and after they left we found the built in cubboard was full of pizza boxes, beer and cider cans and empty chip wrappers.
They also used one of our best plates as an ashtray. So disgusting!

lucyellensmum Wed 18-Apr-07 14:06:59

well thats what happens when one doesn't put the best china under lock and key!

Personally i wouldnt have paid them until the job was finished, and that means all their shite put away.

Oh and just one more thing, well its just that really, my DP being a lovely freindly chap whom everyone takes a shine to, is too bloody soft when piss taking clients say - while you are here you couldnt JUST do this quick little job for me? it wont take you long, im sure you wont mind, oh we are so pleased with your work - grrrrrrrr

robdbsheating Thu 15-Sep-11 21:33:35

I am sorry but i am a plumber/gas man. I even take my shoes off when in customers houses and never go to the toilet to do a number2. If i do, my wife has fully house- trained me and i do the cleaning at home as well as cleaning the loo!

aldiwhore Thu 15-Sep-11 21:36:38

Not flushing, well that's gross. But shitting in someone else's loo, that's fine so long as you flush (and wipe the bowl if necessary) so that they'd never know.... I think putting air freshener spray in the loo is worthwhile, but personally I carry a little can of impulse. My friends must think I shit flowers!

You could always hire a portaloo?

SheWhoMustNotBeFlamed Thu 15-Sep-11 21:36:53

I have my very own loo. 'Tis heaven.

Desiderata Thu 15-Sep-11 21:40:45

In my pub, the ladies are generally as bad as the men when it it comes to skid marks and shite splattered up the walls. And it's not a rough pub by any means.

SpamMarie Thu 15-Sep-11 21:50:15

This is why I'm glad I have an outside loo. If you are in any way filthy from DIY or garden work, you have to use the outside loo. It's a rule for us as well as trademen, but obviously it always affects them. And since I tend to be totally minging myself when I use it, I am less easily grossed out. If I found skid marks in my indoors bathroom, my never-ending supply of tea and biscuits would very quickly disappear. I don't mind people answering the call of nature, but clean up after yourself! YANBU.

maybells Thu 15-Sep-11 23:18:06

my oh is a painter abd he would never shit in a customers house even if he was desperate, he would wait until he got home. an amusing story he told me they were working on a large extension to a Victorian town house. the soil pipe to the toilet had been disconnected and a bag placed over the end as they were working underneath the pipe on the foundations.
one day a plumber arrives to do some work in the bathroom upstairs and oh tells him dont use the toilet the soil pipe is not connected. anyway they carry on working balancing on these steel girders and all of a sudden they hear a gurgling noise coming from the pipe and just as they manage to leap out of the way a whoosh of water comes gushing out of the pipe with the plastic bag and a huge steaming shit!
the dirty bugger of a plumber had gone straight upstairs and taken a dump!

maybells Thu 15-Sep-11 23:23:48

i must say my oh has a good client base because they all love him, mainly pensioners and people who live on their own because he is trustworthy and polite doing a good job and working hard. when i our son was born cards and presents all came through the door from his lovely customers who all request that he comes to do a job and never any other workman.
his work speaks a thousand words and vulnerable people trust him in their home. even a 80 yr customer who's wife suffered with sever dementia calling to help unblock their sink at 9 at night, because he couldn't trust anyone else.

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