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I know i am not being unreasonable

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AmaraSas Sun 12-Nov-17 11:56:47

To want to sue British Gas....

The boiler is in a cupbaord in my sons bedroom. When i moved in back in March we had boiler issues. British gas came and fixed it and all seemed well

They came to do a gas safety check a month or so ago and it passed.

I am not a gas safe engineer so i trusted what they said.

My son normally leaves his bedroom door open but had closed it before he went to his dads on Friday. I popped in this morning to see what sort of mess it was and was greeted by the strong smell of gas

So i rang the national grid

National grid engineer... flue isnt in situ properly so its not sealed and is spilling fumes and CO2 into the room, boxed in pipework showing strong reading on his gas detector so theres a leak before the gas gets to the boiler.

The flue was supposedly fixed last round of engineers and hth did the gas safety inspection miss that?

I'm fuming... they put my sons life at risk. My only indication is my nose, what if i had no sense of smell!

Ok vent over. I am stuck with British gas because its who my Landlord is signed up with, but caution is the moral of this tale, even some cowboys wear uniforms

Bluntness100 Sun 12-Nov-17 12:00:11

Do you not have a carbon monoxide detector next to the boiler? When British Gas service my boiler they check and test this and if you don’t have one you are told to get one.

AmaraSas Sun 12-Nov-17 12:03:12

Yep one in his room and the kitchen, both work, i test them regularly, but not a peep from either of them, which makes me wonder and it is something else i will be taking up with my landlord

wasonthelist Sun 12-Nov-17 12:06:16

I'm fuming

ok vent over

I see what you did there grin

AmaraSas Sun 12-Nov-17 12:07:03

I didnt until you pointed it out grin

grumpysquash3 Sun 12-Nov-17 12:07:19

A carbon monoxide detector won't detect CO2, because they are different gases (and neither of them smell).

Has the room always smelled of gas fumes or has it recently started?

RhiWrites Sun 12-Nov-17 12:12:04

I think you could certainly raise thiscwith them. Maybe should raise it, just so that engineer can be retrained or whatever is needed.

But it’s not British Gas who decided who should sleep in which room, so it’s unrcessarily emotive to bring your son into it.

AmaraSas Sun 12-Nov-17 12:13:35

No Grumpy, this is the first time i have noticed it, but like i said he normally keeps the door open and i am a sucker for keeping the windows open so it would have been ventilated off. The fact that the flue wasnt fitted properly means it has been occuring since at least the last set of engineers "fixed" it

AmaraSas Sun 12-Nov-17 12:16:36

Regardless of who was in the room Rhi its still a human being, its a bedroom, and even if it wasnt a bedroom isnt the fact they did a poor job on working with gas in a residential area the point. My son, me, joe bloggs from down the road, doesnt matter, they should have got it right in the first place

mummyhaschangedhername Sun 12-Nov-17 12:39:40

Just looking for clarity here, the national grid picked up a gas leak? Or co2 leak? They are different. A gas leak would have absolutely nothing to do with the flue. Also carbon dioxide is harmless, its carbon monoxide (co) that’s the issue which your co detector would have picked up. So it’s a little confusing as to what the issue is.

If I assume the flue was faulty and it was leaking co2 back in, then there was little risk however a terrible install. So you have rights to complain and have that rectified.

If it was a gas leak then that would have nothing to do with your flue. That should have been picked up on a landlords inspection of the installation but not on a maintenance inspection of the boiler.

AmaraSas Sun 12-Nov-17 12:55:21

CO and a gas leak

kirinm Sun 12-Nov-17 13:01:49

Have you suffered a loss as a consequence? If not, what could you sue them for? You can complain and insist on them sorting it out. Or pay someone else to and the. Ask British Gas to pay you back. Otherwise, no.

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