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AIBU to wonder where the ‘body/mind positivity’ boards are on here?!

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Pinkycloud Sun 12-Nov-17 08:59:31

It has occurred to me on many occasions that there is no topic/section on Mumsnet dedicated to women who are living (or trying to) with a positive body image/self-esteem, are NOT using every waking moment obsessing about their calorie intake, are not perfect but have embraced their imperfections, have realised that NO MATTER their size they are entitled to dress nicely and feel wonderful about themselves!

Lately, IRL, I am surrounded by women who are OBSESSED with being skinny. Not slim, or even thin - the type of skinny that is bought about by eating (if they allow themselves that luxury) in a caddy way. And, yes that’s completely their prerogative but I feel like I’m having it rammed down my throat!

Despite being happily married with kids and running a successful business I suspect my circle of friends secretly still think I’ve ‘failed’ at life as I’m a size 16/18. They are baffled how I could possibly go on a moment longer without jumping on the next diet bandwagon!

It’s the same on here. A WHOLE section dedicated to points, syns, calories, fasting, low-carbing but nothing for those of us who are too busy loving life (and cake) to worry about any of that!

And yes, I know, health. Of course I know my body isn’t at optimum health while I remain over-weight - I’m trying to improve my health (not necessarily my clothes size) - by lessening the junk and walking more (oh, and mindfulness - amazing) - but don’t tell me my friend who has, at 5ft 7, just hit the 7 stone mark is winning on the health front?!

Please tell me I’m not alone in my thinking?!

Pinkycloud Sun 12-Nov-17 09:02:08

Caddy = faddy!

IveGotBillsTheyreMultiplying Sun 12-Nov-17 09:03:04

If I want to start a thread and can’t find a board for it I just put it in chat or AIBU if I’m feeling like a thrashing.

ToastyToasty Sun 12-Nov-17 09:04:48

I would like a board like this. We asked for a Yoga board in Body & Soul and got it so perhaps a campaign for this? Great idea smile x

EdithWeston Sun 12-Nov-17 09:06:03

Those topics are there because there is a demand for them. The existence of weight loss topics should make no difference to the popularity of thread/s about other things.

What would you call your proposed new topic? And which Section would you want it housed in?

Has there been a thread about that approach recently?

IrenetheQuaint Sun 12-Nov-17 09:08:55

But what would there be to say? I can't see how there would be enough threads on this topic - as potential posters would be busy getting on with their body-positive lives. The occasional thread on Chat is surely sufficient (and even then there's a risk of it coming across as smug and disdainful of posters trying to lose weight).

strangeEvents Sun 12-Nov-17 09:10:55

'positive body image' is responsible for 10s of 1,000s of deaths every year. Telling men and women to love their bodies whatever size they are is unhealthy and dangerous.

Besides that point, I'm not really sure what yours was. What's the topic you want?

Body / mind positivity?

Is that just people typing positive thoughts?

FindoGask Sun 12-Nov-17 09:13:05

2/3 of people in the UK are overweight so I doubt your circle of friends are thinking you've failed at life because you're a size 16. It's literally the norm.

In terms of your suggestion, I'm struggling to think of what the threads in such a topic would look like. "Feeling fabulous today! Who's with me?" or something?

Pinkycloud Sun 12-Nov-17 09:15:26

I can’t believe what I am reading here! ‘Telling men and women to love their bodies whatever size they are is unhealthy and dangerous’. Wow. So presumably the opposite, telling them to hate their bodies if they don’t conform to what society deems acceptable, is ok?!

I didn’t say people should abandon common sense did I? I made it clear that health should be of importance.

Pinkycloud Sun 12-Nov-17 09:20:19

Well actually, I think my proposed board could contain words of advice and tips for and from people who are just beginning to live (hallelujah!) with this mindset - mindfulness, what helped sort their head out, tips on how to be healthy without being faddy or deprived, fashion tips, meditation discussions, how to succeed in going against the grain in this way of thinking, benefits of walking, stuff to make people feel GOOD. How’s that for starters?

WonderLime Sun 12-Nov-17 09:26:28

I think you are coming off a little critically about those women 'ramming' being skinny 'down your throat'. It makes me wonder, in honesty, how body positive you really are.

I'd like to see a board/thread which can help women feel good about their bodies. I struggle every day and am incredibly critical of every wobble I have, despite being a perfectly healthy BMI and dress size. Something that can help women who need support to reframe their thinking.

strangeEvents Sun 12-Nov-17 12:03:50

I don't think people should be told to hate their bodies but I don't think they should be told they're 'fine' when they aren't.

It isn't about being deemed 'acceptable', it's about obesity costing society a fortune and damaging the health of people.

SilverySurfer Sun 12-Nov-17 14:37:44

You have no problem being happy with your size/weight - what makes you think that others aren't capable of doing the same and need to be told how to feel? It's a bit preachy isn't it.

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