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AIBU re mouse?!

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midnightmisssuki Sat 11-Nov-17 23:44:09

I am so damn scared of the things - we’ve seen a few due to the dogs going berserk. Caught two via humane traps. Now they’re back (no surprise as it’s starting to get cold) and we haven’t caught them (yet) husband wants to use spring traps but I feel bad. I know it’s silly. A few months ago my daughter caught salmonella and apparently mice droppings can cause it - I feel really guilty that my not knowing we had mice could have potentially caused her to be so ill.

Does anyone have advice or another way to get rid of these mice?

LEMtheoriginal Sat 11-Nov-17 23:45:21

Get a cat

MomToWedThorFriday Sat 11-Nov-17 23:49:19

Yes, an exterminator. Your child caught a serious illness why haven’t you done it already?!

MinervaSaidThar Sat 11-Nov-17 23:58:34

Your daughter got salmonella, you feel guilty about it, but you still feel bad about spring traps? confused

Spring traps are the best solution. Humane traps mean you have to release the mouse at least a mile away so it doesn't come back, and it's likely to die without his family in the new environment.

MinervaSaidThar Sun 12-Nov-17 00:00:55

You could get poison that has a dessicator in it so that the mouse corpse dries out and doesn't stink when it decomposes.

Use the spring traps, because in 6 weeks your mice will be having another little.

midnightmisssuki Sun 12-Nov-17 00:00:57

We can’t get a cat because we have dogs. We did consider an exterminator but after speaking to one he said if we saw more than 2 to get back to them - we didn’t see any more till recently. There was also the issue of her possibly catching it from her nursery as there was an outbreak before so we couldn’t be sure - I hope you are not incinuating that I don’t care about my child MomToWedThorFriday

MinervaSaidThar Sun 12-Nov-17 00:01:12


midnightmisssuki Sun 12-Nov-17 00:01:57

Ok - spring traps it is. Thank you all x

MinervaSaidThar Sun 12-Nov-17 00:03:02

Good decision! The Rentokil Advanced traps are great and available in Homebase etc.

ferrier Sun 12-Nov-17 00:04:36

I'd be more worried about the nursery than the mice in your circmstances.
Cats or poison is the way to go. Spring traps are inefficient.
I'd lend you my cats but they'd miss their doggy brother too much.

PenelopeFlintstone Sun 12-Nov-17 00:05:34

You don't need an exterminator. I live in mouse plague territory and I don't know anyone that's ever used an exterminator.
1. Plenty of non-humane traps inside. Check them several times a day and reset.
2. Poison outside (in dog proof places)
3. Look for holes in your house and fill with wire wool.
Do it today! Good luck!

midnightmisssuki Sun 12-Nov-17 00:08:23

Thanks all. We have some spring traps (husband got them from before) and he’s laying them now. I have steel wire mesh from before and will re-check any holes we might have missed from last time.

KERALA1 Sun 12-Nov-17 00:12:05

Spring traps. Scrupulous about food storage and cleanliness worked for us.

MinervaSaidThar Sun 12-Nov-17 00:16:14

OP, we found peanut butter really effective as bait.

I quite happily let spiders live in my house but mice get the spring trap treatment!

I caught our first two mice in a tupperware box each time. They were surprisingly easy to catch. But driving them a mile away was a faff and I understand they die anyway.

JonSnowsWife Sun 12-Nov-17 07:11:07

Cats or spring traps are the only things that'll get rid of them.

I can't get sentimental after the time I had a huge mouse infestation in my flat as a student with a young baby. Mice get inside my house they're killed.

Literally, clean everywhere. Everything up off the floors and store all food away in clean cupboards / lidded containers etc.

Giant chocolate buttons worked on our traps. The mice had to pull at it to get the chocolate off (peanut butter pest control man put on his traps did fuck all) which triggered the spring.

Good luck.

midnightmisssuki Sun 12-Nov-17 09:44:28

Thanks ladies. Nothing this morning so maybe he’s run away? (Wishful thinking I suppose!) will do deep clean today and lay traps down again.l tonight.

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