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fireworks on Remembrance Day - yes or no

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toffeepumpkins Sat 11-Nov-17 18:45:07

There are masses of fireworks going off round here, we've just been discussing whether or not they are right or wrong to have them on Remembrance Day. I'm on the fence but my friend is adamant that it's disrespectful.

OddBoots Sat 11-Nov-17 18:47:24

Given there are former services workers with PSED that can be triggered by them then it is very thoughtless to let them off at Remembrance time when loss and trauma is so close to mind.

FrancisCrawford Sat 11-Nov-17 18:50:52

It’s not only disrespectful it is totally inconsiderate.

Everyone knows to expect fireworks on Bonfire Night, you can make sure animals are safely inside.

Tonight some numpties decided to let off all their fireworks at around 6. My poor dog was in the garden and was terrified.

Selfish, stupid fuckers.

paxillin Sat 11-Nov-17 18:51:50

Well, the Lord Mayor's show with its enormous fireworks was today. It is always on the second Saturday of November, so has been coinciding regularly. Seems fine, never heard anyone complain about it. It does of course pre-date Remembrance Day by some 500 years.

OddBoots Sat 11-Nov-17 18:52:09

You can tell I work in Early Years when I type PSED but mean PTSD, sorry.

TheQueenOfWands Sat 11-Nov-17 18:53:31

Ah, is that why they're going off?

I did wonder.

Odd 'event' for fireworks. They're a celebratory thing. Today is for remembering.

paxillin Sat 11-Nov-17 19:00:19

As I said, the Lord Mayor's show pre-dates this by more than 500 years. I don't think all celebrations have to be stopped, pubs and bars are open after all. It's not like they let rip at 11am.

thenightsky Sat 11-Nov-17 19:01:03

Disrespectful. It is not a celebration.

paxillin Sat 11-Nov-17 19:02:35

It is a show that has been going on for more than 500 YEARS. 800 according to the Lord Mayor.

toffeepumpkins Sat 11-Nov-17 19:04:53

It's not the Lord Mayor's show here, we don't have one. We live in a tiny place, it's not an area that celebrates other festivals which traditional culminated in firework displays either so I'm surprised by it. I do think it's disrespectful thought maybe it was just me being a killjoy.

Paperdolly Sat 11-Nov-17 19:05:15

NO! NO! And once again NO! angry

Redsrule Sat 11-Nov-17 19:05:34

London maybe but the rest of the country no.

Ttbb Sat 11-Nov-17 19:06:46

That's not even remotely a thing.

FadedRed Sat 11-Nov-17 19:07:03

Today is Armistice Day.
Tomorrow is Remebrance SUNday.

JillJ72 Sat 11-Nov-17 19:07:30

We had fireworks going off around 1800h too. Was this really because it's 11th November? It really doesn't feel appropriate.

paxillin Sat 11-Nov-17 19:08:05

I agree I wouldn't plan a firework or celebratory event on Remembrance Day unless it is a long-established one. I would not cancel a traditional one though. In the spirit of “When you go Home, tell them of us and say,
For your Tomorrow, we gave our Today”.

8misskitty8 Sat 11-Nov-17 19:13:53

Disrespectful in my view. It is a day of rememberance . What about those who have ptsd after serving their countries. ? Fireworks going off while they are paying their respects and remembering fallen comrades could cause them distress.

Some arseholes beside us let off a load of fireworks earlier at teatime.
I often think there should be a law passed that fireworks are only allowed to be set off on bonfire night and New Year's Eve unless you have a licence/organised display.

FrancisCrawford Sat 11-Nov-17 19:17:00

, the Lord Mayor's show pre-dates this by more than 500 years

That is in an entirely different country to the one where I live, which has never had mayors, far less Lord Mayors, so it is not relevant to the dicks who were setting off fireworks tonight.

And I’m guessing the Lord Mayors show isn’t relevant for most of the UK populace.

thenightsky Sat 11-Nov-17 19:17:21

Since I posted earlier, a load of fireworks have started going off here too... we are in a tiny village!!!!

Is this a new thing that I haven't been told about? confused

LittleWitch Sat 11-Nov-17 19:23:05

Fireworks have just stopped here. Small village ( but not sure that’s relevant). I have no idea why they’re going off, especially as village bonfire event was last weekend. We heard a rehearsal of the Last Post yesterday afternoon which was also slightly strange (we live round the corner from the war memorial).

thisisalliwant Sat 11-Nov-17 19:26:28

Our village has fireworks the nearest Saturday to 5th Nov that has the lowest tide. Which is today. Just coincides this year. No disrespect meant. We also have a very well attended Remembrance Sunday service, with a parade to the war memorial lay wreaths.

SandyDenny Sat 11-Nov-17 19:35:41

I was driving on a motorway earlier and saw fireworks. I wondered why, I wasn't anywhere near where I live so didn't know if it was some kind of local event.

Nevere heard of them for remembrance

Womannothot Sun 12-Nov-17 13:49:44

Umm. We had fireworks last night for DS's birthday, it's become a bit of a tradition that we do them the closest Saturday to his birthday. Not sure if ever fallen on 11th before but didn't even occur to me tbh. Feel a bit bad now reading this thread but it's the norm round here to hear fireworks any time from mid October to mid November due to Diwali, Guy Fawkes etc. Today is Rememberance Sunday and we've just returned from a parade so definitely no disrespect intended here.

I posted a few pics on Facebook of our fireworks and got loads of likes so it clearly wasn't frowned upon if people even made the connection. As already mentioned, there were fireworks for Lord Mayor's Show and afaik no one complained so I think probably to be offended is an overreaction.. ..

BackforGood Sun 12-Nov-17 13:54:12

They aren't going off because it is Remembrance Day, they are going off because it has been normal practice for a very, very long time to have bonfire / fireworks parties on both the weekends either side of 5th Nov. Local displays are often fundraisers, and they make sure they aren't on the same day as the next local event to them, to maximise income.

Remembrance is at 11am. There is no correlation between that and fireworks displays.

fartyghost Sun 12-Nov-17 13:55:17

@womannothot Feel a bit bad now reading this thread but it's the norm round here to hear fireworks any time from mid October to mid November due to Diwali, Guy Fawkes

You live in an area where fireworks is the norm so I wouldn't be worried - we live in a tiny market town where it's rare to hear fireworks except on Nov 5th. That's a cultural difference and I'd say that makes it accept where you live, where I live it's not really considered to be the done thing.

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