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Crafts at college

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mallardduckponds Sat 11-Nov-17 17:48:41

Do any colleges teach crafts?

I'd be interested in things like making jewellery, soap, beauty products, and so on?

LIZS Sat 11-Nov-17 17:54:12

Check out their adult education / part time programme but government funding has been cut back progressively with more focus on work skills and literacy/numeracy so if you find any they may be relatively dear. Many that were previously adult ed tutors have taken their classes privately now, to avoid bureaucracy and increased costs to students.

mallardduckponds Sat 11-Nov-17 17:55:18

Cheers thanks. It's hard getting information.

LIZS Sat 11-Nov-17 18:01:33

Try many colleges put their adult education on there. There is also West Dean (?) near Chichester which does short residential courses.

mallardduckponds Sat 11-Nov-17 18:02:37

Thanks, that wouldn't be suitable but it's good to know some places do them

Leeds2 Sat 11-Nov-17 18:07:48

My local college doesn't seem to offer crafts as such, but lots of cookery courses from beginners to advanced.

mallardduckponds Sat 11-Nov-17 18:09:03

Is it on during the day or at night?

JennyBlueWren Sat 11-Nov-17 18:41:17

Local crafters often offer these sorts of classes at community centres and the like. Do you have a craft shop? They might have adverts up.

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