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Seat reservations on trains

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RubyRed2017 Sat 11-Nov-17 12:58:03

AIBU to think train companies and passengers need to get their act together?

I’m on a long distance journey today.
On the first train a lady was sat in my seat although it had a reserved sign on. There were loads of empty seats bar by that were also reserved but no one was sitting in them. On the second train a lady was sitting in my seat but there was no reserved sign on it! I had my ticket with the details on it so she went and sat in another vacant but reserved seat - the person hadnt turned up for that one either!
I don’t believe all the empty reserved seats were no shows, and yes I did check what stations they were reserved between. There must be people who have seat reservations taking up unreserved seats.
I realise this is a total first world problem but so annoying!

Leeds2 Sat 11-Nov-17 13:03:48

It happens when you buy ticket which is valid on all trains on a particular day (rather than the cheaper option of buying a ticket for a particular train, and if you don't get that train you can't travel). Think they are called super savers? Anyway, when you book one of these you can still book a seat on a particular train, but if you arrive at the station earlier than expected, you get the earlier train (and your reservation on the later train will still be there).
Also, if you arrive at your reserved seat, and there is an unreserved seat opposite, some people will sit in the unreserved seat so as to make sure that no one sits opposite them.

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