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Too feel so down about this?

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loveawoo Sat 11-Nov-17 09:34:46

Not expecting any replies but need to moan so here is a list of all the things that are bothering me...

Acne is worst it’s ever been despite me taking good care of my skin,
Skin on arms and legs is dry and horrible to look at (Keratosis Pilaris),
My nails are bitten down and look gross (my own fault),
I’m constantly tired so always look generally unhealthy,
I suffer with migraines which come from nowhere sometimes without warning,
My house is a shit put at the moment- everything needs cleaning and tidying and I have about 8 loads of washing that needs to be done,
I have no time for myself as I have 2DC and work full time.

Just feeling really shitty and I know these things sound minor but I feel so down at the moment. I just want to hideaway so I don’t have to see anyone.

Nomoretears56 Sat 11-Nov-17 09:45:24

Try and be kind to yourself, see a doc about your health problems, take care of yourself, a lot of women once they have kids lose "themselves" and feel they don't matter, they do!!! As for the mess in the house and the washing, take a room at a time, give it a good clean, throw a way things that are broken or no longer used, get rid of the clutter and move on to the next room, stop for a cup of tea, put a load of washing in, put it in the dryer /clothes horse as soon as it finishes and put the next load in, if it takes a couple of days then so be it!! I find I can't sleep if my house is a mess or there's lots of washing to do so maybe once it's all done you'll feel better and get some sleep. If you not I'd see your doctor about your low mood. Take care, we all feel down from time to time X

NancyDonahue Sat 11-Nov-17 09:47:09


One step at a time. Are you getting medical treatment for acne, skin, migraines?

Nail biter in recovery here. That is one thing you CAN control. My proven method is willpower, plus keep a nail file and small hand cream nearby at all times. File down any bits as your nails start to grow and keep putting hand cream on - something perfumed is good as it won't taste nice. As soon as you get any decent growth use a clear polish.

Washing. This is something you have to keep on top of. Never go to bed without putting a wash on but ideally put it on at teatime so you can hang on airers/chuck in dryer overnight.

Time to yourself and tiredess - Do you have friends who can take turns babysitting each others kids? Family?

Sweetfa22 Sat 11-Nov-17 09:57:29

Get to the docs for soothing cream and spot treatment. Drinking more water can help cleanse your skin too. Set aside half an hour each day just for you. No chores, no children, no distractions. Can your dc help load and fold washing? It's a good way to get them earning pocket money. Parenting is difficult but you need to look after yourself too. Hugs x

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