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To ask what you do about YouTube

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VodkaPenne Sat 11-Nov-17 08:22:51

I am utterly horrified at the YouTube videos detailed below that are popular with tweens.

I am pretty sure my (year 5) DD hasn’t watched any of those types of YouTube videos. I check regularly and am aware of what she watches (mostly the new Star Wars trailer! And also that mermaid rubbish, dance videos, and dolls acting out scenes with stupid voices...) I check her YouTube history, etc. I am around when she is watching it...

I have only recently allowed normal YouTube with my supervision. Before that, she just had Kids YouTube which is heavily vetted, so much so that by the time she was 9 years old, she couldn’t watch anything she wanted (like the Star Wars trailer!)

Even if I stopped YouTube, she’s now at an age where she’s exposed to it at friend’s houses. It would be utterly naive of me to ban it completely and expect that to work.

And so I am going to have a long chat to the tween today about how some YouTube videos are not right, and they shouldn’t be on there and she shouldn’t watch them. How to do that without glamorising them or making her want to watch them is the tricky part though.

Bananalanacake Sat 11-Nov-17 08:26:46

Have you seen the other thread about this. Really opened my eyes. My 3yo watches it. Ben and holly at the moment. Bumping this for you.

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