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To call 111 now?

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PhantomBlooper Sat 11-Nov-17 04:58:48

I had toothache start up earlier in the week. Started as a dull ache and has now evolved into full blown agony.

I bought clove oil and co codamol two nights ago and that was effective at first, but now it's not having any of it.

My whole mouth hurts and no form of pain relief has any effect whatsoever.

I tried to get into the dentist yesterday but they told me they had no emergency appointments and to call back Monday. I CANNOT go on. My question is AIBU to call 111 now, at 5am, in the hope that they can book me in somewhere? Or will I just get told to call back at 9am?

Coldhandscoldheart Sat 11-Nov-17 05:19:30

Has to be worth a try? It’s not like you’re demanding an ambulance.i believe ooh dental provision is not so great though, and you’re ready for them to tell you that.
Hope you feel better soon

TheQueenOfWands Sat 11-Nov-17 05:20:42

When my impacted wisdom tooth did it's evil thang I went to the nearest A&E. They gave me antibiotics.

Nannyplumssillyoldelf Sat 11-Nov-17 05:23:24

Its worth a try they should be able to tell you the number for the out of hours dentist at least. Try ibuprofen as well as the cocodamol and some anbesol teething liquid. Its awesome stuff. I hope it eases soon there's nothing worse.

amber90 Sat 11-Nov-17 05:34:06

Defo phone them. They're brilliant and they'll give you some advice on how to manage the pain until the dentist opens. Hope you're okay. It sounds like an abscess xx

PhantomBlooper Sat 11-Nov-17 05:46:31


I've called and they've given me the number for the emergency dentist which opens at 9.

I'm thinking it may be an abscess but I've never, ever had this kind of toothache before so I don't know. To look at my teeth look fine but the whole of my lower jaw is in pain and the roof of my mouth is swollen.

Bowerbird5 Sat 11-Nov-17 05:54:07

Toothache is excruciating I feel for you. Just turn up and sit there don't take no for an answer if they see you pain surely they will do something.

shakingmyhead1 Sat 11-Nov-17 06:56:10

have you got a wheat bag ( that you heat in the microwave) or a hot water bottle? the heat can help ( if not boil a jug and pour boiling water over a folded hand towel, wring out with tongs as its bloody hot and wrap in a plastic bag and in a dry towel over that, and hold against jaw where the pain is, also google pressure points for toothache, use ya clove oil more and if you have Disprin try those in warm water, weird but they work better i have found, you can also crush one and rub it on your gums, and salt water mouth wash but use warm water as the cold will kill!

MulberryPeony Sat 11-Nov-17 07:49:06

Do not apply heat if you suspect a tooth abscess.

coffeecoffeemorecoffee Sat 11-Nov-17 07:57:09

I had this and cried with the pain! Got to the point where co codamol just wasn't touching it and the antibiotics hadn't kicked in yet, a pharmacist recommended paramol, apparently that's the only thing that will touch it and is one of the strongest over counter pain killers you can buy, perhaps try them?

emochild Sat 11-Nov-17 08:00:05

Can of something straight from the fridge held onto your jaw helps with access pain
When you ring up make sure you tell them about the swelling

emochild Sat 11-Nov-17 08:00:44


Ceebeegee Sat 11-Nov-17 08:28:41

Yes ring 111 and they'll should get you in with an emergency dentist.
I managed to get to a dentist on a Sunday morning , it was about 30 miles away but was worth the effort.
You could have an impacted wisdom tooth , or even an infected absess so give 111 a call. They're there to help.

Justgivemesomepeace Sat 11-Nov-17 08:45:50

Toothache is horrific. One thing I've learnt is if once toothache starts up it's not going to go away on its own and will only get worse over the days. Get in at the dentist immediately it starts. I also started with toothache on Monday. It was controllable with paracetamol. I could have ignored it and tried to convince myself it will clear up but I know it never does. I got in the dentist Wednesday, got antibiotics. It's still niggly but I'd be exactly the same as you now if I'd left it. Hopefully you'll get in today. They'll probably give you antibiotics which will take a few days to kick in then you'll have to back for treatment once the infection clears. I feel for you- it's the worst.

passionflower50 Sat 11-Nov-17 08:50:58

If you .ca be seen straight away try oragel it's an anaesethic pain relief put directly onto the tooth its brilliant to kill the pain until you get to dentist my son gets repeated abscesses .something caused by an immune condition he had and have swears by it x hope it helps ....

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