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To stop cleaning when the in laws are coming?

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Babababababybel23 Fri 10-Nov-17 18:39:03

Every time I find out they are coming I clean my house from top to bottom. They think that unless a house is spotless it is disgusting. My house is clean. A few toys lying about, dishes in the sink but not an absolute disgusting hovel.
They are visiting tomorrow and stupidly this morning I blitzed all of the bedrooms and the bathroom. I even cleaned the bloody doors hmm
I haven't even started downstairs yet and I feel like not bothering. I may empty the toy box all over the bloody floor just to raise a few eyebrows.
The judgy look on their faces when they walk in would tomorrow be worthy of snapping a photo.
I hate being a bloody people pleaser sad

Pengggwn Fri 10-Nov-17 18:39:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CherryChasingDotMuncher Fri 10-Nov-17 18:41:38

Don’t do it, why should you? Get your DH to tell then to pack it in. My mum is like this and i now just tell her to take that look off her face, this is what a house with 2 small children and 2 working parents look like (it’s not dirty BTW but like yours a few toys/dishes lying about) and if she doesn’t like it she’s welcome to leave. I get cat’s bum mouth in return but meh

MsVestibule Fri 10-Nov-17 18:47:41

My parents are nothing like this, but I still feel obliged to give it a good clean before they stay. Mainly because it's normally a complete midden and it's a good excuse to get my arse into gear.

In your situation, I would give it the same sort of clean/tidy I would before a friend came over, but that's all. TBH, if they're the type that nothing short of immaculate is going to be good enough, why bother?

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