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Who is BU in battle of the bins? (light-hearted)

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nuclearwasteoftime Fri 10-Nov-17 05:40:04

Longtime lurker here- (joined to get bf advice but never managed to post, too busy bfing). I promise I'm not a bin troll.

NDNs have an unorthodox way of putting bins out. They get taken very early here, so most put them out the night before. Not NDNs. They have a lie-in, then nip out onto pavement at noon and swap their full bin with an empty one while we're all at work, ignoring big number stickers etc. (I've always wondered what they're up to, but now I'm on mat leave I've caught them at it!)

DH (irritatingly zen) says life is too short to care who has which bin, but I think it's cheeky- someone who put their bin out ends up with a full one for two weeks! Are NDN BU? Or am I being (as DH puts it) a Bin Loon?

LaBelleSausage Fri 10-Nov-17 05:45:33

I would be absolutely fuming if my neighbours did this!

They are BVU

And I’d be suspicious of DH too.
Yes, life is too short to care who has which bin if they’re empty, but what does he expect you to do with two weeks worth of nappies if you’re left with a full one?!

I’d consider LTB for unreasonable behaviour as he isn’t backing you on this.

Reppin Fri 10-Nov-17 05:47:27

What do you think everyone is going to say? Are you just adding "full bin" to get everyone on side? I don't care if I don't have the same bin that I put out. But of course no one would accept a full bin.

ShimmerAndShite Fri 10-Nov-17 05:52:23

I would now either cover my bin in hundreds of my house numbers, or paint it on in gloss paint so that they can't do it to me. You've got a right CF there.

Ifailed Fri 10-Nov-17 05:57:39

Unless you've purchased it, the bin belongs to the council, regardless of how many stickers or numbers you put on it. That said, your NDNs are selfish arseholes, try contacting the refuse department to see if they have any advice, I'm sure this happens a lot more than people realise.

ownedbySWD Fri 10-Nov-17 05:58:42

Ridiculous behaviour. I had to pay for my.own bin in our previous house. I brought it with us when we moved! Would not be impressed if the neighbours used it without my permission.

shouldwestayorshouldwego Fri 10-Nov-17 06:01:22

Put your number on it or get a wheelie bin lock. Or both.

Nquartz Fri 10-Nov-17 06:10:15

Such CFs! We did buy our bin & I would be fuming if I ended up with one which hadn't been emptied

Casablanca78 Fri 10-Nov-17 06:21:39

If it's got your house number on it then just swap it back, there's no denying it's yours!

LazyDailyMailJournos Fri 10-Nov-17 06:26:15

I'd be going round there and asking for my bin back. In fact I wouldn't be asking - I'd be taking it and decanting any rubbish they'd put in it, on their doorstep. Cheeky fuckers!

tealandteal Fri 10-Nov-17 06:29:14

Just stick a big number on their bin so everyone knows what they are up to! Then their bin can be returned to them when it gets "accidentally mixed up"

Slartybartfast Fri 10-Nov-17 06:37:42

i would swap it back.
did you contact council to report a missed bin? you could do that if you innocently believed your bin hadnt been emptied.

SleepFreeZone Fri 10-Nov-17 06:42:57

It's pretty slick isn't it 🤔 They take a random empty bin each week and leave a different house a full one each time. Clever sods.

eddielizzard Fri 10-Nov-17 06:50:46

film them doing it - preferably from a location that can't be identified as your house - and stick it on you tube. then print out the link and post it through all the doors in the street.

oopsydoo Fri 10-Nov-17 06:55:14

Just make sure yours is numbered and let your neighbours know to do the same. Then when it happens again you can clearly point out they have used the wrong bin.

lalaloopyhead Fri 10-Nov-17 07:01:25

I don't get it, full or empty why don't people just go and swap them back? Why would anyone wheel the full bin home and keep it for a fortnight?

In this scenerio I would leave the full bin, or preferably wheel it back to offenders house and either ask for my bin back or ring council for a new one saying that mine was missing/stolen.

Jerseysilkvelour Fri 10-Nov-17 07:06:44

A bin war with the neighbours is an excellent way to spend maternity leave.

When you put your rubbish out, why not go and pop it in their empty bin instead?

maddening Fri 10-Nov-17 07:09:16

I would be swapping them back-door they have their house number on their bin?I would also be informing all other neighbours of this

DartmoorDoughnut Fri 10-Nov-17 07:09:42

Loving the filming them idea

MinervaSaidThar Fri 10-Nov-17 07:10:15

Do none of these neighbours wonder where their bins are?!

My sister washes her bin every week, she would not be impressed with someone taking it.

BuggerLumpsAnnoyed Fri 10-Nov-17 07:11:08

I'd be fuming. Just go and take your bin back and give them their mingling full bin back

CoffeeWithMyOxygen Fri 10-Nov-17 07:15:55

Like others have said, if they take bins with numbers on them I don’t understand how this is happening? If a neighbour took my bin I’d simply go and get it. If everyone did that surely they’d give up, as their bin would never get emptied? You could of course get a bin lock so they won’t bother taking your bin in particular.

yowerohotesies Fri 10-Nov-17 07:16:47

What lalaloopy said - number your own bins and then ignore the full one. no one has to adopt a full bin that isn't theirs.

BreakfastAtSquiffanys Fri 10-Nov-17 07:29:00

Number all the bins, including theirs

Sidsreadingdiary Fri 10-Nov-17 07:30:10

I have never used a bin lock, so I am unsure how they work. Don't you need to put your bin out for the refuse collectors unlocked so that they can empty it? Would that not mean that the neighbours would be taking an unlocked bin?

Sorry, I have tendency to over think.

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