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To ask how much I could earn and what qualifications I would need...

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fannyanddick Thu 09-Nov-17 12:53:13

My whole career I have worked for companies as a paid employee but have always been interested in self employed work. I have a few ideas of areas that interest me but need advice on how viable these are and how I could go about starting up. They are all different -I have eclectic interests! But obviously I would go for one in the end!
- gardener
- personal trainer, possibly could use a room in my house to train here
- linked to above run antenatal/postnatal exercise classes.
With the personal trainer - do you think you have to be super skinny to get work?
- Cross fit instructor -possibly as route to pt
- Manufacturer/seller of products. I have some ideas for -bedding, clothing etc but no clue how I would go about getting these produced.
- Counsellor/life coach
- 'colours' consultant

Any thoughts of feedback from people already in these fields what be much appreciated.

SavageBeauty73 Thu 09-Nov-17 12:54:53

My friend is a personal trainer. She's gets £50 per hour (London). Bloody hard work.

fannyanddick Thu 09-Nov-17 13:47:38

Thank you savage. Do you have any ideas what qualifications she has?

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