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Shein clothing

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cocoface Thu 09-Nov-17 08:50:45

Posting for traffic - has anyone used the above website and if so would you recommend? - im presently a size 14-16 and would like to purchase some clothing from there - if you have used this site before can you let me know the best sizing etc to go for tia.

SD1978 Thu 09-Nov-17 09:09:43

I bought 6 tops- all were far too small. Usually a medium (12) so bought large as it’s Asian sizing. Would have needed 2XL. It’s a hit and miss website. Some good quality, some not so much. As long as your expectations aren’t too high, but something cheap and see what you feel.

Mollie85 Thu 09-Nov-17 09:14:26

As pp said - Asian sizing, so comes up very small. I’m a UK 16 and the 2XL was tight. Also very thin and cheap material (I bought that lovely looking top in the dark purple with the colours splashed on it). Was see-through.

You get what you pay for in this instance grin

cocoface Thu 09-Nov-17 09:40:33

give it a miss then from the sounds of it.

donners312 Thu 09-Nov-17 10:08:22

it depends what you want - i bought 4 tops I am a big 14 and looked at the measurements online.

I loved the tops i got TBH not best quality but they were cheap so .....

cocoface Thu 09-Nov-17 10:10:01

its a velvet coat that I like - dont want to buy it though and have me look like im squashed into it.

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