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can I go over the amount of painkillers in 24 hours rule?

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sostupidagain Thu 09-Nov-17 01:12:07

I'm in such a mess. Infected tooth and have abs and pain relief prescribed today. Pain has just woken me but if I take soenthing will be over the amount.

Also should take AB but feel sick and can't eat. Will they even work/? what if I throw up? I feel so dreadful

Ginfiend Thu 09-Nov-17 01:14:09

What painkillers are you talking about?

Ginfiend Thu 09-Nov-17 01:14:30

And what have you already had?

sostupidagain Thu 09-Nov-17 01:17:32

At 8.30 I had 5ml liquid morphine and a cocodmol

Redglitter Thu 09-Nov-17 01:19:11

I certainly wouldn't exceed the recommended dosage of those. That's strong pain relief. When's your next dose due

Elzee Thu 09-Nov-17 01:20:21

The most I would have if I were you is say 8 codiene/cocodomol in a day, (4 lots of 2.) And 2 naproxen. Or another anti inflammatory if you have it (ibuprofen for example.)

And DO have a bite to eat with the tablets, even if it's a couple of digestive biscuits and a glass of milk. ALWAYS. smile

Or your stomach will suffer horrid cramps.

Elzee Thu 09-Nov-17 01:21:19

Don't exceed the recommended morphine dose though.

LondonLassInTheCountry Thu 09-Nov-17 01:21:19

You had 5ml of oral Morphine, 5 hours ago...

You will be fine to take another 5ml...

How often did the doctor say to take it?

SeaToSki Thu 09-Nov-17 01:22:05

You must also be drinking plenty of fluids if you are taking high doses of painkillers. Your kidneys need fluids to process the medicines and will be badly affected if you are dehydrated

LondonLassInTheCountry Thu 09-Nov-17 01:22:18

If it was 5 hours ago, you will be ok unless the doctor has spaced them further apart?

Spartak Thu 09-Nov-17 01:25:28

Phone 111 for advice. I've got patients who are on a higher doseage of morphine than that but there is a specific reason for it, and it's been prescribed with that in mind.

There are also different strength co-codamol, from the GP it is higher than over the counter normally, so I wouldn't exceed the prescribed amount and I also wouldn't be chucking in extra naproxen or ibuprofen when already on morphine. It sounds like you could do with being seen by the out of hours GP.

I hope you feel better soon.

shakingmyhead1 Thu 09-Nov-17 01:26:49

only if you dont mind potentially fucking your liver!
try a wheat bag or hot water bottle on the side of your face
try clove oil, put on a cotton ball and place right against the tooth and gum that is effected
and weirdly try a disprin (?) can dissolve in warm water and drink or crush and rub on your gum
and finely google pressure points for tooth ache and use those as well

and really try to avoid fucking ya liver, you kind of need it

Mum2OneTeen Thu 09-Nov-17 02:52:24

I'm currently recovering from an abscess & am taking antibiotics. Saw dentist on Monday who said to take ibuprofen (anti-inflammatory) together with paracetamol.

Have also been having oxycodone (an opiod) which hasn't really helped that much. It's an awful pain isn't it? On Sunday night, I ended up going to bed with a packet of frozen corn on my jaw in an attempt to ease the pain.

Currently day four of antibiotics and it is still painful. My sympathies to you!

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