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Help me bank account and trainers

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Thesmallthings Wed 08-Nov-17 08:41:24

Ds1 12 has asked for Nike Trainers for Christmas. This is his first branded item he has shown a intereast in. I feel like it's kind if right if passage into teen hood son I want to get this right.

I never thought I'd have so much trouble.

First I found the perfect pair.. paid for them inline but turned out to be a dodgey site.. Yes yes I was stupid. I have to wait 15 days for them to deliver before I can contest it with the banks help for a refund.

Then found a pair on office. Paid. They took the money and it was pending for a few days. They cancclled the order as they was out of stock.
Now there is no record of a transaction in my bank and I'm sure that the money didn't go bank into my bank account.

My question is would the money show going back into in my account if it was pending before.

Is buying trainers supposed to be this hard .. all I want to do is buy some fucking Nike air max trainers.

TwoBlueFish Wed 08-Nov-17 08:50:43

If it was only ever pending then I don’t think you’d see a transaction with it going back into your account, just the pending one would disappear.

I’d go into JD sport and buy them along with the carrier bag. The bags are the go to PE bags at school. Also buy him a packet of baby wipes so he can spend ages keeping his “babies” clean even though the rest of his room is a tip!

Jayne35 Wed 08-Nov-17 08:51:02

If it was only pending Office possibly didn't take the money in the first place - companies sometimes just 'hold' an amount initially. They sell branded items in Next, or try Sole Trader (they have an online outlet store for sale items). Good luck.

LaughingLlama Wed 08-Nov-17 08:51:19

The 2nd payment may not have ever actually been debited from yr account. If you can see am actual debit for it then there should be a refund. If not you will need to chase them. I assume you have a confirmation of order email with order ?
I just ordered a pair of Nikes on Amazon for an ok price and no issues. Why not have a look there when your bank is sorted.

Thesmallthings Wed 08-Nov-17 08:54:58

twobluefish that's genius love the idea of baby wipes. grin

Ok that's good. So my money hasn't been taken. I'll have a trip down there in person I think. I need something funky colourful but under 60. These trainers have caused me ulcers I swear.

Thesmallthings Wed 08-Nov-17 08:56:57

I had a confirmation of my order. But nothing else I only found out they cancclled the order when I phoned to chase them up about when they would get here. Which is pretty shitty customer service

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