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AIBU to expect to give my car back after 3 years & not have charges?

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Stargirl17 Wed 08-Nov-17 02:32:55

Basically I've had my car from new on pcp and it has come to the end of it's three year term, rather than exchange for a new one I decided to hand it back and we're going down to one car. So Seat sent someone from the British Car Auctions to inspect the car before they collect it next week, and as far as I can see the car is in good repair so I wasn't expecting anything major to come up on the inspection. Cue being handed a £300 bill!
Supposedly the car is FULL of dents. I really regret not making the inspector point out every one, because when I went to my car with the list to look at all these dents in the places he found them I could only find one the size of my fingertip which could only be seen on very close inspection and hadn't broken the paintwork - which seems like it should come under fair wear and tear according to their booklet. There's also some minor scratches on the bumper which again need very close inspection, but again minor scratches on bumpers come under fair wear and tear. I really don't think it warrants a £300 bill, and the rest I can't even bloody find.
It's so frustrating. Cars never been in an accident, been well looked after, and the inspectors supposedly follow the fair wear and tear guide and flag up anything 'unreasonable'. In my book I should be able to actually see anything unreasonable. I don't know what to do - I rang Seat and they said I have to wait until the report comes back, but I will have handed the car back by then, and once they have the car I'm certain they'll just make me pay the bill.
Am I just being naive thinking I wouldn't get charged, and should I just suck it up & accept it? Does anyone have any experience of this happening or any advice on what I could do?

HerRoyalNotness Wed 08-Nov-17 02:45:38

No clue what you should do, but take a video and dated photos of every panel of the car before you hand it back

Trailedanderror Wed 08-Nov-17 02:47:39

I know little about these schemes but selling cars privately is a 'mare and you never get what it's worth. Have you already paid a penalty for not upgrading but handing the car back 'early'?

Stargirl17 Wed 08-Nov-17 09:37:39

A video is a good idea! It was wet yesterday and on the photos I took it's really hard to see any marks. I'm wondering if he used that and the light reflecting to make it look worse than it is, because it did in one of the photos I took!

There's no charges for handing it back, it's at the end of it's term. They just charge if it goes over it's mileage, or if there's anything above 'fair wear and tear' which from this seems to mean if you don't hand it back in the exact condition you bought it! Can either hand back, buy the rest of the car off them (for a price which is way more than its worth) or use it to part-ex for a new one.

GinisLife Wed 08-Nov-17 10:38:22

I used to be terrible for damaging bumpers so in the end I never got them fixed until the car was due for change. They would also go around the car and fix any minor scratches, dents etc so by the time I got it back it was back to immaculate. One time I picked the car up from the repair workshop at 6.00pm, drove it 20 miles home and then 80 miles to the office next day. Dropped it off and collected my new car. We got a bill for £500 for damage to paintwork. They received the garage bill by fax by return and we never heard from them again. Scammers, the lot of them 😂😂

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