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To ask second hand car dealership to repair windscreen...

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Jenpug Tue 07-Nov-17 20:55:03

Im.not sure on this whether I'm entitled to ask for a repair or not so thought I'd gain the general consensus of a larger group of people to help me decide how to proceed.

We bought a second hand car from a very large car showroom around 4 months ago. At the time of sale a chip was noticed on the windscreen and we were told it had been repaired. The chip and it's location is noted amongst the paperwork for the sale.

Skip forward to today and said chip has become a rather large crack, between 10 and 15cm long which obviously needs dealing with urgently.

Im annoyed as I thought that having been treated this chip shouldn't be an issue so the dealership must've been dishonest with me. WIBU to call them tomorrow and ask them to deal with it?

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