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Narc is at it again. i need a rant

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oldstudentmum Tue 07-Nov-17 20:33:22

Long and sort of it - no maintenance for 2 children for over 19 months (yes cms are on to him) I have had no messages from him re children since end of june (hoorah). The last time I actually saw him surprise surprise new car !!! But if you know narcs they always deserve things as they are so superior.
Well my DD has emailed him (unknown to me) and asked him for a small amount of money £20 for something. she told him it was for a particular item (which she already has, I bought them) He is asking her to look at a higher end retail shop for the item and keeps repeating this shop for her to look at and he will order. I know he thinks she will repeat this message to me (well she hasn't, as all she wanted was cash lol and to see if he would give her any think she is testing him and she wants to save up for and IPhone!!!!! - which she knows I WILL NOT buy her shes 9!)
I think its because he can brag to himself how wonderful he is that he can buy from this shop. I personally think he is a jumped up twat, I could use a few other words. I could not care less what shops my clothes come from.
Now I hate large logos on tracksuits it just reminds me of the 80 s , the last time he saw her bought her a CHAV suit!!! she looked like Vicky pollards offspring FFS thank god she will grow out of it quick.

I should do what Tina swithin did and write a blog it could have the potential to be hilarious ( narc goes camping -" I am such an experienced outdoors person" - ends up with severe shits ) and a bit of WTF he should be committed.

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