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How much do you spend on dc's at Christmas?

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justalittlelemondrizzle Tue 07-Nov-17 10:07:09

I spend about £70 - £100 each. They're 8 & 10. But from what I've seen at Christmas time -on facebook- eek other parents spend hundreds.

AllRoadsLeadBackToRadley Tue 07-Nov-17 10:10:33

It varies. Sometimes I pick things up dirt cheap in the sales.

I never stress about making it "equal" either- cost wise or number wise. DD (10) has got a lot of jewellery this year, ranging from £1-10, DS (6) is mad on cars, so even the same number would be half the price iyswim?

justalittlelemondrizzle Tue 07-Nov-17 10:12:06

I sometimes think I'm being a bit cheap. It may just be a case if other people's apparent amazing lives on social media

AllRoadsLeadBackToRadley Tue 07-Nov-17 10:12:34

Ignore the fb smugness! I got so pissed off at it last year, I took pics of the DC opening value pasta, one sock, celery, and a can of lager, just because I'm an arse! (The DC were well up for the photoshoot...they get why I can't be doing with materialistic benkism!)

PandorasXbox Tue 07-Nov-17 10:16:34

Everyone is different. I don’t judge people that spend a lot as I’m one of them but I don’t put it on FB as I think that’s a bit cringey.

louise5754 Tue 07-Nov-17 10:16:53

Usually I spend £150 each. For some reason they've had £200 each and I still need to get them a bike. I've started a new Christmas job so I think I want to treat then while I can. However the job was supposed to pay off bills not add to it 😬😬

JamesDelayneysTattoos Tue 07-Nov-17 10:17:47

IVE instogated a budget this year. £500 per child. My dh massively overspends at Christmas. He openly admits because he always had last years must have and so he over indulges our dc. He knows this. I try and reign him in but he works hard, likes doing it and the dc are not entitled brats so I mostly let him get on with it.

This year though he’s put a lot of money into his business so less spare so a budget it is.

TrojansAreSmegheads Tue 07-Nov-17 10:18:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

louise5754 Tue 07-Nov-17 10:18:40

I spend exactly the same. I found something dd2 wanted at £25 even though I was done so now I need to get dd1 something else. Dd2 had something that was £60 so age doesn't have as many. I know that will cause drama.

Soubriquet Tue 07-Nov-17 10:19:18

Urm...usually around £100 or less for my two (2 and 4) but this year we've started shopping early and I think we've already hit our £100 usual budget...still got loads more to buy

AllRoadsLeadBackToRadley Tue 07-Nov-17 10:19:34

louise oops.

That reminds me of a (not over the Christmas period) time that me and my friend went into Tesco for a bottle of milk, and walked out with a CD player, a vacuum cleaner, and other assorted random shite!

And forgot the milk!

BootHill Tue 07-Nov-17 10:21:14

I pick up bits through the year in the sales and stuff. DD1 is 11 and DD2 is 3 so DD1’s pile looks a lot smaller than DD2’s because she doesn’t ask for toys etc and toys are bulky packaging but they do have equal amounts of presents to open.

We usually spend £300-£400 each but it’s done throughout the year.

ilovewelshrarebit123 Tue 07-Nov-17 10:21:47

I’ve only got one DD and I spend £100-£120 usually. She’s 10 and has asked for a lap top this year so my ex is going halves for this as it’s £300.

She’s of the age where she knows she won’t get much else.

Ignore the smug FB’s, it’s one day and spending hundreds is just ridiculous! wink

MollyHuaCha Tue 07-Nov-17 10:22:34

Ours will get about £40 each. That’s enough!

Sandsunsea Tue 07-Nov-17 10:22:47

The stealth boast Facebook posts make me feel sick, parents posting pictures of huge piles of wrapped presents is extremely uncouth.
I usually spend under £100 per child. One or two main presents, a couple of smaller ones and a filled stocking. It is more than enough

AllRoadsLeadBackToRadley Tue 07-Nov-17 10:29:07

Sand me too! Which is why I was an ass last year with my piss-take.

Even worse when the owners of the photos get hashtag- diahorrea at the same time #luckylittleman #blessed #mommylovesyou...


NextInLine Tue 07-Nov-17 10:33:54

Usually about £300 each. But I’ve finally come to realise it’s an absolute waste, they have that much, they don’t know what to play with. Bits get broken or lost so half of it’s in the tip by February.
This year they have had approx £100 each on things I know they will play with and look after.

Mulberry72 Tue 07-Nov-17 10:36:18

We have one DS(11), we spend between £500-£600, depending on what he asks for.

Football kits, trainers, Xbox games, it soon adds up.

Oysterbabe Tue 07-Nov-17 10:37:57

I don't really have a budget, if there's something they want or I know they'll love I'll get it.

stargirl1701 Tue 07-Nov-17 10:40:46

We do the much hated poem - want, need, wear, read plus stocking and gift from FC.

Depends what they ask for, tbh. DD1 wants a candle making kit at the moment which is about £20. DD2 wants a pedal bike which we are trying to buy online preloved - looking at £180 ish.

I don't try to make it even in terms of money spent. Just be guided by them. It's more important for us to avoid plastic and choose preloved/handmade/ethical.

HRTpatch Tue 07-Nov-17 10:41:25

Mine are 21 and 18 and I spend about £500 on each. £350 in cash and the rest in gifts .
I can afford it .
They get no other gifts.

AllRoadsLeadBackToRadley Tue 07-Nov-17 10:42:08

Do any of you buy a "family" gift?

I usually get something (last year an android box, this year an Alexa) that Santa "forgot to deliver". DH hears a noise by the front door, goes out to investigate, and it's there!

SloeSloeQuickQuickGin Tue 07-Nov-17 10:43:12

I don't really understand these threads at all

£100 can be 2 weeks jobseekers, or it can be a couple of hours hourly rate.

And the competitive spending will commence on the thread to demonstrate worth. Or the marginally worse, those who buy their children an Oxfam goat because Persephone appreciates how lucky she is and genuinely wants to patronise the third world give to others.

gunsandbanjos Tue 07-Nov-17 10:44:38

My daughter is nearly 14 and I spend around £100.

Cockmagic Tue 07-Nov-17 10:44:53

About £200 on dd aged 9. It's her birthday beginning of December though and I've spent £120 on presents for that.

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