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To want my mum to shut the hell up?!

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Msqueen33 Mon 06-Nov-17 21:50:56

Every since my Mum hit 70 she thinks she can say whatever she likes. The most recent one is that I should effectively wait on my dh in case he leaves me. Admittedly life has been very hard the last few years (3 kids. 2 have autism. One is extremely challenging). I do most of the household chores. Cooking isn’t something I like especially like and asking cooking and my dh refusing what I cooked I let him get his own meals (he eats different food to the kids who are fussy and have autoimmune diseases too). He now gets home roughly around 6.30 so not late.

I’m sick of hearing it to be honest. I’m doing my best and struggling with depression and managing the kids and have said if my dh chooses to leave that’s up to him and to be honest money aside we’d manage. Dealing with the kids having Sen has been beyond hard. But AIBU to want my mum to shut up?! Admittedly my dh and I could have more sex, I could pander to him more but I’m shattered. One kid wakes up once/twice a night then wakes at 5am.

mustbemad17 Mon 06-Nov-17 21:55:17

I detest the whole sentiment of women waiting on their fellas. It infuriates me. I'd be telling her to mind her own business tbh; if she feels she can be abrupt & rude to you perhaps she needs a dose? I know she's your mum but she should be supportive, especially given that you have so much going on in your day to day life.

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