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best friends GF

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Pixielemons Mon 06-Nov-17 20:45:37

I have been best friends with this guy since I was 15 - never had any romantic interest in each other - a very platonic brother/sister bond! Very friendly with each other's family.

He got a GF 2 years ago. I made a massive effort to reassure her that I was no threat (as this had been an issue in the past) - we went out together on our own accord because we got on so well! I really like her, think she's great for my friend, and I thought she liked me too. but these meet ups stopped because I went to work in another city, and she got a new job.

However, I get the feeling recently that shes gone off me. I went through a bad breakup recently and my friend was obviously there for me. But whenever he came to see me, she would come too. She was pretty nasty at points, criticising my ex and telling me that he just wants to shag about hmm. Anyway, I brushed it off. But since then every time my friend asks to hang out, he brings her. She doesn't get involved (no matter how much I try and speak to her and include her), she just sits there sulking, Me and my friend used to hang out for an afternoon or meet for tea etc, but now it's gone down to about 30 mins (with her as well) if I'm lucky. I'm really sad because I need my best friend's support at the moment but I don't want to upset anyone.

AIBU to expect his support without (a very sulky) her?

Sayyouwill Mon 06-Nov-17 20:47:11

Can you just ask him? Or just ask her?

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