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To be worried about the house

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4seasons Mon 06-Nov-17 14:21:21

My daughter has let her house whilst she's working abroad. The area is 24/7 parking permits and she left quite a few for her tenants to use. Recently she found out that the permits had all been used up ( tenants have had to buy extra ones). She thought this was odd as neither tenant has a car so queried this. Apparently one of the tenants said that her " family" had helped her to move in and had stayed there for " a couple of weeks "!!! I am now concerned about the wear and tear on my daughters things ( as is she !).... almost all the furniture , cooker , washer/ dryer etc was brand new . Also , I don't know how things stand legally having " family " to stay for an extended period of time. My daughter expected the tenants to have the odd friend etc to stay at weekends but " several weeks " ??!! What do you think and should we be doing anything about it ?

Anatidae Mon 06-Nov-17 14:22:28

Get the agent to do a check.

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