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My neighbour has built a bonfire in the garden

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Alexindisguise Sun 05-Nov-17 10:25:02

Presumably to be lit tonight. It's big, about 10ft away from the back of our semi detached houses.

Aibu to be alarmed and think no one in their right mind would do this?

They've only lived here a few weeks, so don't know them at all.

Other than be on standby with a hose pipe tonight, anything we can do?

RemainOptimistic Sun 05-Nov-17 10:27:43

What do you think is going to happen? Is your house made of paper? hmm

In any case. Is there a spot further from the house where it could be built? Or would it be up against a flammable fence/trees etc? If there's space YWNBU to go have a chat and asked them to move it further away from your property.

ThisNameNow Sun 05-Nov-17 10:29:57

It's big, about 10ft away from the back of our semi detached houses

If it's actually only ten ft away then that's way too close. Can they move it further away? I'd speak to them.

BoneyBackJefferson Sun 05-Nov-17 10:43:35

What do you think is going to happen? Is your house made of paper?

Depending on the size of the bonfire, it could melt upvc double glazing or much worse.

NoSquirrels Sun 05-Nov-17 10:48:54

Really depends how big it is - but doesn't sound great.

Go around and have a word? Depending on reception then perhaps local fire brigade non-emergency number?

PeanutButterIsEverything Sun 05-Nov-17 10:56:06

I'm pretty sure there are rules about having a bonfire in a built up area - I know it's not allowed by our council.

RavenBlack Sun 05-Nov-17 10:58:32

10 feet from the house is fucking ridiculous.

Tell them they need to move it at LEAST 25-30 feet away or you will hose the fucker down as soon as they light it.

Fucky Sun 05-Nov-17 10:59:47

Pic or it didn’t happen grin

AfterSchoolWorry Sun 05-Nov-17 10:59:50

If the wind is going in the wrong direction, the smoke could be choking.

sonjadog Sun 05-Nov-17 11:00:52

Depends on how big it is. Photo?

RavenBlack Sun 05-Nov-17 11:02:33

See if there is an emergency number you can ring (for the council) and ask their advice, and maybe call the fire brigade and ask their advice too.

Maybe even knock on their door and ask (nicely) first, if they can move it further away, as you are worried it's too close to the house. My cousin did this once with a neighbour 10 or so years ago, because the fire was being built 5-6 feet away from the houses!

She offered to help the neighbour move it all 12-13 feet further away from the houses. The neighbour was pretty OK about it and happily moved it all, and invited my cousin around.

Maybe try asking first? smile

Cantspell2 Sun 05-Nov-17 11:04:17

This time of year I have bonfires all the time as I have a large lot of garden waste to deal with. Mine is usually about 20 ft from the side of the house and is fine but I do use a proper garden incinerator. Get them to move it back and remind them to check it for wildlife before lighting it.

Alexindisguise Sun 05-Nov-17 11:05:37

Yes I'm worried about upvc, it spreading, smoke, pets. Gardens are quite small so they wouldn't be able to move it much further back.

I'll try and ring the local station for advice. I thought there were rules about these things too.

Glad I'm not the only one to think its a bit of a ridiculous thing to do.

Therealslimshady1 Sun 05-Nov-17 11:05:42

shock really only 10ft away?!

RavenBlack Sun 05-Nov-17 11:08:23

No you're not the only one who thinks it's bonkers to have a bonfire 10 feet away from a house. And your house doesn't need to be made of paper for it to get damage.

If moving it isn't an option, maybe try (as I said,) to talk to them and say you're really worried. smile

Alexindisguise Sun 05-Nov-17 11:10:06

I'll call round and have a friendly chat. Thanks

YouTheCat Sun 05-Nov-17 11:10:17

The kind of idiot who'd put a bonfire that close to a house is the same sort that would use accelerants to get the fire going.

If they are out at all can you douse it with the hose so it's too wet to light later?

insancerre Sun 05-Nov-17 11:10:53

Ring your local fire station and ask for their advice
The last thing they want is for a fire to start
They would much rather come round and advise on safe practice rather than deal with the aftermath of a fire

AutumnTreesThroughTheWindow Sun 05-Nov-17 11:12:36

Is it actually only 10 foot away? Because my living room rug is 8 ft long...

AutumnTreesThroughTheWindow Sun 05-Nov-17 11:13:31

Just thinking that a big bonfire would be too hot to stand within 10 ft of as much as anything else.

Viviennemary Sun 05-Nov-17 11:13:38

I'd phone the fire brigade and express your concerns. I would not be happy at this huge fire being so near my house. Idiots.

WeAllHaveWings Sun 05-Nov-17 11:14:46

If you are on good terms with your neighbour, have a chat, if not Phone your fire station and ask them to have a word.

SleepingInYourFlowerbed Sun 05-Nov-17 11:15:24

10 feet?! How big is it?

GooodMythicalMorning Sun 05-Nov-17 11:16:05

Much too close!

Cantspell2 Sun 05-Nov-17 11:16:12

Your council website will say if you are in an area where bonfires are not allowed so check there first.

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