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To put a boy in leggings?

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GlitterandSparkle88 Sun 05-Nov-17 00:06:41

I recently bought some leggings for my 15month old boy just plain navy, white and some black ones. I thought they looked fine and he was comfy and happy. However DH isn't happy as they were from the girls section in next. Does it really matter? He thinks leggings are for girls only, he's not the only one most of the family are saying I'm wrong for putting him in leggings. Surely I'm not the only one to put a boy in leggings!

PandorasXbox Sun 05-Nov-17 00:07:31

Doesn’t matter a jot. Leggings are great for young toddlers. Ignore DH.

furryelephant Sun 05-Nov-17 00:10:37

YABU. A 15 month old in white leggings, that’s brave grin
Apart from that, I don’t see an issue with it at all! They’re just leggings confused

Swirlingasong Sun 05-Nov-17 00:11:04

Of course it's fine. At 15 months they are just comfy stretchy cotton trousers.

Mrsknackered Sun 05-Nov-17 00:11:06

My 4 year old and 11 month old son's wear leggings all the time.

Girls clothes get all the funky patterns. Cos ya kno, only baby girls like colour.

Brandnewstart Sun 05-Nov-17 00:11:07

I put my boys in leggings and tights... used cloth nappies and they were much easier than trousers.

Mrsknackered Sun 05-Nov-17 00:11:37

Sons, sorry.

EB123 Sun 05-Nov-17 00:12:03

I have three boys, they have all worn leggings and tights as toddlers.

AlbusPercival Sun 05-Nov-17 00:12:47

DS has leggings from mini club and primark.
Nice and comfy and importantly not too long unlike every other trouser I put on him.
I do think you are brave with white though :D

moralberyll Sun 05-Nov-17 00:13:32

It's fine.

WorraLiberty Sun 05-Nov-17 00:13:37

If you've ever spent more than 10 minutes reading Mumsnet, you'll know the answer is YANBU.

Especially as you have a DH who isn't happy that they came from the girl's section.

That alone is always enough to give you a majority YANBU.

SparePantsAndLego Sun 05-Nov-17 00:14:26

YANBU, your DH is, though... Our boy wears leggings and he’s 6. I just buy him a slightly bigger size so they’re not too skinny,

Thiswitcheshatisnotmine Sun 05-Nov-17 00:15:09

Loads of childrens clothes shops do leggings for boys. They are practical as they let children freely move around. Maybe you could get some designed for boys to show your dh there is nothing odd about it but you shouldn't have to really.

AnnaBay Sun 05-Nov-17 00:15:37

I had a leggings wearing DS too from baby to about 4 years old.

HashiAsLarry Sun 05-Nov-17 00:17:08

Ds was short legged and long bodied. Leggings were the best thing ever. Does your DH also know girls clothes come in black and navy blue too, if he's that offended? They're not all pink and sparkly.

GlitterandSparkle88 Sun 05-Nov-17 00:17:32

I'm glad I'm not alone! I think they're perfect for him he can play and climb and run around with ease. I do think understand what the problem is! I keep getting told I'm trying to turn him into a girl! I also bought him a pair of shoes from the girls section because apparently boys only want to wear trainers or boots!

Sashkin Sun 05-Nov-17 00:18:19

I can never tell the difference between toddler girl leggings and toddler boy joggers/sweatpants/whatever boy name the shop is using. They look exactly the same on the child. YANBU.

Atticusss Sun 05-Nov-17 00:21:09

Of course not. I dress my boy in tights and leggings, also SHOCK! HORROR! pink and floral things too. His penis is still intact.

I do find people often blame their sticking to pointless gender stereotypes on their other half. I see it all the time online 'oh I'd love to dress my boy in that but OH wouldn't have it and I need to respect his decisions'. Really?! I don't buy it. I'm sure it does happen and I'm not saying you are being untruthful but if they didn't want their daughter in a tenner but dresses you would tell them to do one, surely? How is it different. Unless women really are inferior?

Atticusss Sun 05-Nov-17 00:22:13

if they didn't want their daughter in anything but dresses

GrockleBocs Sun 05-Nov-17 00:28:09

Find a parkrun tomorrow morning. Lots of men in lycra leggings doing manly running.

GlitterandSparkle88 Sun 05-Nov-17 00:31:25

Oh also to mention that said girls shoes I bought one shop wouldn't fetch his size to try on as it wasn't fair of me to put him in girls shoes?!so sick of being accused of 'trying to make him a girl' like I say it's not just DH who says this

C8H10N4O2 Sun 05-Nov-17 00:31:41

And there was me thinking leggings were unisex. Better tell the 6'4" boys to stop wearing them for sport.

RoryItsSnowing Sun 05-Nov-17 00:33:01

Your husband is ridiculous.

Cineraria Sun 05-Nov-17 00:35:18

We don't have leggings but have lots of tights for my DSes (and nighties too until they stop needing overnight changes).

I can't imagine that leggings from the female section would look any different to those from the male section but if it upsets him, maybe tell DH that you'll only buy him specifically boys clothes in future (and then get him a lovely pair of Sterntaler tights with tractor or space rocket motifs to replace the leggings)!

DonkeyHotei Sun 05-Nov-17 00:38:38

If my son, aged 2, didn't wear leggings, he would spend 90% of his waking hours undressed. That is how often he wears them. grin

These aren't cheap but they are woolly, warm and fab for winter:

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