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Turn2Page394 Sat 04-Nov-17 23:28:27

I’m hoping this is an ok place to post this to have a rant and maybe get some advice/opinions.
So...I switched over from CSA to CMS in December 2016.
Ex has messed about with payments for the last 10 years and owes between 3 and 4K in arrears, not sure of the exact amount.
Since July I have constantly been on the phone to them trying to get a payment. I have the letters stating how much should have been paid since December 2016. Until last month I had nothing.

With CSA ex was on a DOE. So far CMS have refused to put him on one because he makes promises to pay. For example on 1.10.17 he told them he would pay £250. He paid £135. And of this, 11 days later, I received £10.
Their reason for this was that as there is another child on the case and she is owed more in arrears the majority of the payment went to her.

I understand that with 2 children on the case that money gets split between them both (normally 50/50) That’s not the issue. My issue is that I am constantly on the phone to them trying to sort payments for my DD yet when one comes in she doesn’t even get half of it. When I logged onto CM online it stated on my account the payment due was £250. As far as I was aware, every time I’ve rang the CMS in the last 3/4 months I’ve been ringing to sort payments for my DD not someone else’s. I was never made aware that it was being split and I assumed the payment was so high because of the arrears owed (which they have said they want paying to me in the next 24 months hmm)

AIBU to not only be pissed off but have no idea where to go from here?
And also that the CMS massively cocked up by splitting the payment in the way they did?

(I should also add that ex has never had anything to do with DD and I’ve not seen him since I was pregnant)

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